Wednesday, July 15, 2009

we had a deal

My dear sweet kids,

We used to have a system.  We had the whole morning routine down to a science.  I would take a shower while you two enjoyed a 1/2 hour of water play together in the bath!  Just enough time for me to bathe, apply make-up and dry my hair.  

What happened?

Now you hide when I mention the word bath.  You fight tooth and nail when I try to remove your PJ's.  You cringe at the sound of running water.  And not even Curious George bubbles can entice you to climb in?!?!  

How do you expect me to keep up my high standard of hygiene?  Not to mention that you guys don't smell like roses after a couple days, either!  believe me!

Can't we just get back to the old days?  What will it take?  
I CAN be bought!  Fruit snacks in the water?  Cartoons within watching view?  Anything.  ANYTHING!

Start thinking because I am desperate!

your increasingly greasy-haired, dirty mother

Here's how bath time has gone down lately.

7:00 a.m.
lucy still in shock that I forced her in.  Jack smiling while devising a plan to sabatoge bathtime!

7:01 a.m.
some play has begun...even though I've told them a thousand times NOT to drink the bath water!

7:02 a.m.
a temporary smile.

7:02 and a half a.m.
it's over.  that's all I have...2.5 minutes!  did you count them?  She's done and ready to climb out!

what do you have to do to get a shower in?
tie your children up?


Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

What a challenging problem. Somehow someway you will find a solution. I thought that is what handi-wipes were for. Just remember that a family that bathes together-stays together. Signed Dad.....who remembers, in the shower, being handed a kid with a dirty bottom to clean off. It worked great except when soap was applied which made the kid a little slippery.

Blackburns said...

Shower time for me used to be Mickey Mouse Club house time for Sienna. I have started having "Alone playtime" where she plays by herself in her room for 1/2 hour and that seems to work too. Good luck.

merideth said...

okay what??? 7:00 am? really?? i am in shock that anything is even happening at 7:00 in the morning. and bathing your kids daily is out the window in this house. they are lucky if they get bathed twice a week. for sure once i promise.
and as for me to shower... well i try to have at least one napping maybe one watching tv and another playing on the computer.... which leaves another wandering around trying to cause a stir i am sure. i just tell them no screaming touching or running around. sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't.

Chelsy said...

For a little while my brother had the locks on the kids doors reversed. Just get up in the morning, lock the door so they don't get out and into things, let them play in their room and get your shower done! Some may consider it abusive to lock your kid in their room...I prefer to look at it as 'sanity'. :o)

Oler Family said...

I'm with Mer...7:00 seriously? As for my shower...Ryder is usually scooting all over the bathroom or napping and my other 2 are usually watching TV on my bed AKA...raiding the house looking for junk food..or never fails. My showers are seriously as fast as Lucy's baths!!

Marie said...

Well spoken, er written Merideth. 7am and all is quiet on my homefront. If I wanted a shower alone I would awake before the children, but sleep is more important than cleanliness so we just do the family shower if I'm worried about kids getting into trouble. The youngest two come in with me whether they like it or not and everyone else just plays.

Shaving cream on the shower door is fabulous for keeping little ones entertained while mommy is washing her hair. On days where we have nowhere to go, I try to find a time when everyone seems to be busy and happy and then I just sneak off to the bathroom. It almost never seems to fail though that someone interrupts my peaceful solitude.

Oh, and the kids baths? Once a week definitely with the younger ones getting a quick shower every time they are too messy to clean up with a washcloth...which is quite often around here. It's the older ones that I have to beg to shower in my house. they would much rather be swimming, reading or playing the computer than bathing!

collette crew said...

send the feedback my way. today I got ready at 5ish (ready aka towell dryed hair and minimal make-up) it was the only moments of silence throughout the whole day. it was lovely, those 3 minutes. I'm with merideth, too. up at 7? you are wonder woman.

collette crew said...