Monday, July 13, 2009

and the winner is....

let's get this done the old fashioned way.

Forget or other fancy, cheatproof systems.  (i promise we didn't cheat)

You can trust your odds were safe in Jack's care.  He is meticulous when it comes to drawing names.  He takes this job seriously.

Just look at the vigor in his shake.

The speed, too.

There was definitely NO peeking!

And the lucky winner is....

Jen Giorgis
my people will be in touch with your people, jen.

Congratulations, Jen!
i sure hope you are jumping up and down screaming with excitement for those of us who NEVER win anything!

If you didn't win, don't cry too many tears.

Just get your hiney over to Heidi's banner shop and buy a special banner for yourself!


heidi said...

woo hoo jen!!

summer said...

These faces of Jack's are priceless! What a little Mr. Personality!

Jen Giorgis said...

Oh My Gosh!!! I am sooooooo excited!!! I seriously can't even believe it?!?! My heart is pounding and I even have tears in my eyes. I know I am dork! Thanks Ali!!!

Fawn said...

how handsome is jack? seriously.. sooo cute!

auntie fanny said...

aww man!! sniff sniff... jen is a lucky one indeed!

Marsha Lueck said...

Hoot, hoot! for Jen! What a fun time... I love the pictures of Jack... you truely captured the process of picking the lucky winner LOL!

Rock ON!

Jayne said...

Those pictures are worth the entry.

Marie said...

1. 33 comments? Way to go Ali!!!!
2. I guess I got so excited about choosing which banner I would want that I forgot to actually post my choice in the comment section.
3. I probably shouldn't have been allowed to enter the drawing anyway since I am one of your bestest friends from's like having your family enter and win....everyone would say we cheated.
4. I absolutely LOVE your new um, I can't think ...wait....I LOVE your new header!
5. You can now officially count that you have 35 readers because you KNOW Kelly and I are always checking out your blog and neither of us commented on your giveaway. Isn't that exciting?
6. This comment is so long that I'm just going to count it as my blog post for the evening. :)

Anonymous said...


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