Tuesday, February 10, 2009

what she's been up to.

taking body slams from brother
eating adult food
getting two more top teeth
napping two (sometimes 3) times a day
growing a mullet
walking with her nifty walker

sleeping through the night
coming down the stairs
falling down the stairs
signing "please" and "more"
taking off shirts
biting her crib rail
loving bathtime
getting giddy when dad comes home
bee-bopping to music


helping me with my chores!

You are an absolute DELIGHT lucy!


Oler Family said...

okay...Lucy is just the cutest thing EVER!! It sounds like she is keeping you busy. I love the pictures! She has such cute clothes! in almost every picture we have of our kids they are wearing pajamas!!

Olive-us said...

She is so cute! And helping you with chores??? She is truly heaven sent.

merideth said...

she is so yummy. such beautiful pics!! i wish i could see you. soon i am going to drive down.

shawna said...

She's adorable! I love Lucy!! hee hee

Anonymous said...

She looks just like you!! She is so adorable!!!

Love Cousin Brittany

Kaylynn said...

OK she is stinkin cute! I know I say that every time but some kids just get cuter and cuter and she is one of them. I can't wait to meet her in person!

cort said...

cutest kids ever!

The Rugg Family said...

Oh! what a doll she is. I love little helpers, that is what we are going through. Oh by the way how is Jack doing on his potty traing? Well take care gotta run american idol is comeing on.

Marie said...

We have the same nifty walker and Walter is doing all the same things....except I can't get the boy to sign ANYTHING! He thinks all he has to do is scream and point and he gets his way. and he usually does!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Gwen is glad to see Lucy is wearing the top she gave her. WARNING: there is a Lucy store near us and guess what I bought....the whole store...well at least a few bags with her name on them. Can't wait for you V-Day visit. The family videos are getting warmed up.

heidi said...

oh she is soo cute. i love her little face!! i see she is already taking on the task of the silverware, at our house that job doesn't start until you are 2 years old. Way to get her on her way!!

The DeGraff 7 said...

OH....I miss them SO much! I really hope we get to see those two :0) And I hope you two have an awesome get away!

collette crew said...

I have been the worst at leaving comments (so sorry). I LOVE these pictures. Lucy is just so beautiful. isn't it the funnest having a baby girl? oh lucy is darling. how fun!

kelly said...

you know I LOVE HER! I just want to squeeze her!

summer said...

No! You are the delight Ali with your stunning photography! Bryan and I still look at our pictures and LOVE them and think they are the BEST! Thanks again!!!