Tuesday, February 17, 2009

not taking no for an answer

When your husband plans a Valentines weekend away, and you drive 8 hours to drop the kids off with the Grandparents, and it's your first time alone as a couple in 3 years...

Ain't NOTHING...

and I mean NOTHING is going to stand in your way!

Not a blizzard
Not a stern, grumpy highway patrolman
Not a jackknifed semi truck
Not chain requirements
Not a shut-down of a major interstate


We were not taking NO for an answer.

And so the story goes:

7:45 am
Couple left children in Sacramento with a kiss and hug.  Hopped in car for a weekend of kidless romance.

8:30 am
Couple was guided off the freeway at Applegate to install winter snow chains.  No problem.

8:45 am
In the 15 minutes it took male counterpart to install chains, there had been an accident and the freeway had been closed.  completely closed.  oh *&#@!  (that stands for schnikees)  This can't be happening.

9:00 am
Couple decides to forge ahead and finds a narrow, hilly side road that leads to another freeway onramp 10 miles ahead.  Couple sees no sign of CHP blocking entrance, so they enter.  Only ones on the road.

"Sweet" they thought, "We totally bucked the system"

9:45 am
Oh $*#@!^.  Stopped again.  Politely guided off the freeway by officials.  Wait...there's got to be another way.  Couple asked locals for some tips and were guided to a treacherous old highway not recommended for travel.  It was worth the risk.  (think no kids, romance, hot tubs, skiing)

10:15 am
Found another onramp clear for entrance.  Couple tried again.  Only ones on the road.

Could this be it?  "Are we free" they thought.
Oh *#@^@!*.  Once again, they were escorted off the Interstate.

This time a bit deflated.  Not sure what to do.  The couple sat and thought.  This can't be the end of the road.  Wait!  Is that the burgundy suburban they'd been following the entire time?  Follow him!  And they did.  Once again on side roads.  And once again to another open freeway onramp.  This time it was for good.
Free and Clear!  They'd made it.

Oh, &#^@*!
Chain malfunction.  Male counterpart gets out to assess the situation. 

 Female counterpart turns heat up full blast to warm face and fingers.
Problem remedied.

What now?

More chain malfunction.


11:00 am

11:15 am
You guessed it.

11:45 am
Couple arrived at Squaw Valley.  Couple called CalTrans Freeway Hotline.  Traffic was still being held at Applegate.  Freeway closed.

System Bucked!

And the reward was this:

Thank you, honey.  You really outdid yourself!
Thank you, mom and dad.  The kids were so well cared for.
Thank you, Chantel and Carl for the snow gear.


Amy said...

Time and time again you two have proven yourselves to be the epitome perseverance. What great memories!

kelly said...

that story was way better coupled with photos! (and I never heard about chain malfunction x4!) funny!
I"m glad you guys had a great time, you deserved it!

kelly said...

that story was way better coupled with photos! (and I never heard about chain malfunction x4!) funny!
I"m glad you guys had a great time, you deserved it!

kelly said...


HeatherM said...

unbelievable! I still would have rather taken your weekend than mine. you two look so good really! I am slowly learning the quickest way to look younger is to lose weight. you guys look five years younger your hard work is paying off. please don't tell me if it hasn't been work.

Kaylynn said...

I'm so jealous - all except the skiing part - I'm not a skier - tried once - failed - never again - but am jealous of the trip and time alone. Great story.

Brooke said...

Now that's great story telling. . . it's just too bad it's a real story. Sorry about the bad/good luck - looks like you had a good time - parents are the best. My parents took my girls for Valentines too. . . heaven.

Jen Giorgis said...

I am seriously rolling on the floor laughing right now. Your parents are such a "hoot" I absolutely love, love, loved their blog post. So dang funny!!! I'm glad that you two had a great weekend as well!

jayniemoon said...

You handsome couple. I'm proud of you for making the rough trek. You know in Utah, it ski resorts aren't that hard to get to. Maybe you should consider moving this way!

rockkinrobbins said...

That is so awesome. Love it up there! congrats on the get away!!Even with all the craziness!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Wow the snow was really deep. I had no idea as you were calling for directions what you were going through. I am impressed with how you guys weathered the storm. We weathered the storm with Jack and Lucy and loved it...but we are a little sore from all the heavy lifting. Let's do it again....how about right after they graduate from college. just kidding

cort said...

I feel like I just lived that day with you. At least it had a good ending huh?

sheena said...

way to cheat the highway system AND an icy death on your journey!!! So fun you got to go!!

Chantel said...

Persistence pays off!!! I'm so glad you had a great weekend... and you both look hot in our stuff! :)

Carl said...

Yeeeaaaah! Sticking it to the man! I love that story. Chains smains. Up in the rockies thats just another day in paradise.

collette crew said...

how crazy?! glad you made it safely. we made a similar trek in the snow this weekend (minus all the *!@# moments)- worth the hassle! every minute.

California Roney's said...

Yeah to you too for a nice trip away without kids. You guys deserve it!! You sure went to a lot of trouble!!

brittany said...

Way to go you totally had the determination to go on your weekend trip. I love all of your photographers you are getting really talented.

Love your cousin Brittany

Tarah said...

Awesome effort to have some time together! Fun to see pics of your husband we've never met. Thanks for being so kind