Thursday, June 19, 2008

then cheek to cheek, and jaw to jaw...

we sipped some CI-DER through a straw. The cutest boy I ever saw was sipping cider through a straw. (cider through a straw)

If you can't match a tune to these lyrics, then you've probably never been to an LDS Girl's Camp.

It's been 10+ years since I've been, but last night Kelly and I got to go up to Big Bear to visit our young ladies from church. It sure brought back a bunch of memories. And pranks.
(Like the time I crawled under the 40-foot dining table during dinner to go and lightly tickle up the pant legs of my adult leader. She jumped 6 feet out of her chair, dropped her dinner, then hit me. I deserved it.)

Come to find out, these girls haven't been too innocent either. You know who I'm talking about.
(Sunscreen on the toilet seat, bookshelves blocking the door, saran wrapping leaders in the night....)

Phew! I'm glad I was only there for the evening now that the tables are turned!

Here is yours truly with kelly THIRTEEN years ago. We were quite a sight to behold.

13 years later. Wrinkles around my eyes...what? Am I that old?

And look what I caught Mama Honey doing! (double click picture to enlarge)

Thanks girls for letting us relive those fun memories! I just wish we had more time to sing some of those classic camp songs.

so join in with me...

"just a boy and a girl
in a little canoe
with the moon shining all around,
he dipped his paddle so
you couldn't even hear a sound..."


Oler Family said...

Oh Ali! I love reading your blog! I love that your leader hit you! That picture of you and Kelly is so nice...the most recent one of course!! Although I do LOVE Kelly's hair in the first one!!

Jen Giorgis said...

I loved young womens and girls camp. It is amazing how it seems like just yesterday that I was there and that young, and yet the girls all think that we are just so old?! Time flies way too fast. I too have the wrinkles now that I didn't then. I loved the songs(are those just primarily LDS songs?)....thanks for that. They are now going to be in my head for days!

kelly southwell said...

those pictures are so great (old and new). I'm really glad we got to go last night and have fun with our girls. What memories it brought back.

Yes, 13 years later...wrinkles around our eyes and all...we are the leaders. weird. I still feel like one of the girls.

That pic of Glenda is awesome! such a kid at heart!

Kaylynn said...

OK - you make me look bad - When I was called to Young Women's at 9 months pregnant - they wanted me to go to girls camp and I told them we would have to play it by ear (meaning NO WAY!!!) but now I see you there - and Lucy is younger than Kara - WAY TO GO MAMA!!!! Oh well - there's always next year for me!

Berta said...

Ali -
Is that Whitney in the picture with you (Bearded Lady - on the right of you)? It looks just like her - did you go to camp with you one year when she was visiting?

Cute post!

ali degraff said...

berta...yep that's whit!

Ben and Shara said...

It sounds like it was great. I love girls camp. Ours is next week! I'm so excited to go, luckily our pranks are not as mean as your girls' pranks. yikes!

Ash & Christian said...

This is totally random, but I found you through Summer's blog and "Grandma Honey" is my grandma! I had no idea you were in her ward. How funny!

Isn't she the best? Tell her I say hello and love her.
p.s. Grandpa Honey's not too bad either. :)

Cory, Jenna and Calvin Broadbent said...

If there is anyone that loves a man-beard it's you. I thought Halloween '98 was the first time you sported it. Looks like I was wrong.

summer said...

I bet the girls just love you Ali!!!

ali degraff said...

ashley - yes, your grandma is the BEST! she is one of my best friends in this ward!

jenna - any opportunity to sport the man beard is a GOOD opportunity!