Tuesday, June 17, 2008

starting to sink in...

They're gone...they really are.

We had a fabulous, yet too short, 2.5 days with our some of our besties Chad, Amy, Finley and Tucker. We threw them on an aerobed and they didn't compain once. We enjoyed some time at the waterpark, a BBQ with old friends (sorry no pix), and time at the beach.

It was just like the old days. Except in the old days we didn't have children to corral.

Jack and Fin got along...well...like 2-year olds do.
They shared a few hits, ran around the house hoarding toys and shouting "MINE", and played the NO game.

They played at the waterpark. Wow...Jack is really putting his whole body into that squirt dragon.

Fin had a blast dumping water. Aim....you should have left her here all week with us. NO SAND!

Finley wasn't too fond of the sand, but I bet she's a maniac in the rain!

Goodbye Tucker...we'll miss you too!

Until next time, friends. Hopefully in OREGON!


Oler Family said...

Sounds like so fuch fun! Cute pictures! I love the one of Jack playing with the squirt dragon!

summer said...

Jack's hair is SO blonde!!! What a fun weekend with Amy and Chad... their kids are getting so big!

Amy said...

Thanks for hosting such a fun couple of days. We miss you guys! Can't wait for your visit. I'm posting photos soon.