Sunday, June 15, 2008

Happy Father's Day, Mr. Nostalgia

Growing up, my dad liked to entertain us kids with old slideshows of Amazon natives (which means lots of topless women) that he met while serving in the Peace Corp. He would revel over each photo telling us in detail, whether we were listening or not, about each experience.

My dad is a man of memories. Memories of a sweeter time.
My dad is Mr. Nostalgia.

Now that I have kids, he likes to reenact his parenthood memories with the grandkids.
Here are a few examples:

Yes, you've seen this before, but this is where it all began. That's me with dad.

And here's Jack with Grandpa. He's since updated his look...from mustache to Mohawk.

Here's me at the San Diego Zoo with the goats.
And here's Jack.

Riding the train with my mom in San Diego.
Even though a meltdown was occuring, we HAD to ride the train and get the same photo...for Nostalgia's sake!

Here's my dad and me in the pool.
....oh and here's my dad and Jack!

All I can say is...we had some good times DAD! Thanks for all the memories and the effort that went into creating them.

There are a few, however, that I don't think will be reenacted any time soon!

Case in point....

Love you dad!


rockkinrobbins said...

That is awesome. You should shutterfly those pictures into a book. I did a Thank you book for Opy and my Dad that was similar to that. Love the pics!

Jay & Gwen Sessions said...

To my dear only daughter

What a revealing Father's Day present. I hope the statute of limitations has passed before these bare shots come out.

You did not know that besides bring home the deer, the deer brought something home that we later found on you......ticks which caused your mom to freak out...and this was before lyme's desease.

Thanks for the memories. I guess I have lots of them and they are all good times. Of course the older I get-the better it was.

It has really been a memorable Father's Day with Gwen giving the main talk...which happened to be a lot about me taken from an essay Garrett did in 8th grade. I guess it was kind of a roast.

Anyway I am honored to be your Father and I am well pleased how good all the kids have turned credit to me.

Love Dad

heidi said...

the pictures in the tub still get to seems like you grew up with a very fun loving dad. Looks like a childhood filled with memories, good times!

kelly southwell said...

Your dad...he just cracks me up!! there's no one like Jay.
great post.

Joe and Amy said...

Ali, your dad must be a great sport, who else would allow there daughter to do that! Loved your memories.

Heather Menlove said...

love it! you wouldn't be you without your great dad, & I sure do love you & your dad (your whole fam too)
ps your other post took me a while to figure out you were the lady. too funny & sweet!!!

UsdailyReader said...

I need a moment. I feel like you should have had a little "viewer discretion" advisory at the begging of this post..For those of us who have not seen the nude father in a bath tub pictures! and then a dead dear! Wow, it's kind of a lot to take in..But he sounds like a great Dad...and he does have quite a nice even skin tone. :)

Kasey said...

Sorry, that last comment was me! Yes, I spy on Summer.

sheena said...

i swear every time i see a naked photo of your father (only on this blog I promise) I am eating something, then laughing, then choking.

I agree with usdailyreader (how embarrassing for that girl), warnings please.

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

i love how the people on your first train ride are staring back at you or at the camera. i can just imagine your dad yelling and waving to get you to look and everyone else turning to see what was going on.