Thursday, June 26, 2008


We had plans to go here at the end of July.

And to this city at the beginning of July.

But then GAS PRICES happened!

...and airline tickets skyrocketed.

And who really wants to spend their life's savings just to get away?
So word on the streets is that it's all about the

* staycation *

Honestly...I bet everyone can find someplace close to home that would be cool to visit and won't break the bank getting there.

As for us and our "staycations", they will be including lots of days at the beach.
Because will Jack really know the difference between Hawaii sand and So. Cal sand?

Possibly a trip to the nearby mountains, or a city tour of LA or San Diego, or just the discovery of our local museums and parks.

And as I'm already finding out, you don't need to spend the big bucks on places like Europe.

Beacuse you never know when Europe will come to YOU!


Desta said...

I was just about to blog about our "staycationing" plans as well. I love Lucy's swimming suit and hat. Too cute!

ali degraff said... you think that swimsuit has seen a drop of water? NOPE...just too cute to resist!

Angel and Cameron said...

Super cute post! Staycationing is a great idea!

Kaylynn said...

Same with us - we had plans to go to Utah over 4th of July but when we figured gas prices along with everything - there's just no way. I'm really sad - but thank you for your optimistic way of looking at it! We are going to take the boys to the Monterey Bay Aquarium and I know they will love it! Have fun STAYCATIONING this summer!!!!!

rockkinrobbins said...

We are staying close too. Good thing we live in Cali, so at least things are close to us.

S&K 18 said...

I love to travel so I am hoping that with some luck or a miracle the gas prices will drop and we can go back to paying $200 for a plane ticket across the country. Oh well a girl can hope can't she.

Oler Family said...

That last picture made me miss could always tell which men were from Europe from their bathing suits alone! Lucy's bathing suit on the other hand is so cute!

kelly southwell said...

LOVE the staycationing idea this year.
Mr. European is great...I cant' believe it turned out so well considering how far away he was from us. funny!

sheena said...

troy looks awesome in a speedo!

ali degraff said...

sheena. he does look good in a speedo. but looks better without!

California Roney's said...

Nice picture of Troy in his speedo!!! I cant believe you put that on your blog. Just teasing!