Saturday, May 3, 2008


I wouldn't say we're plane enthusiasts. We were just looking for something to do and our friends, the Southwell's, told us about this airshow. It was actually much cooler than I thought it would be. Fun for the whole family, ya know?

These guys were skydiving in formations at extreme speeds.

Jack was trying to figure out why objects were flying through the sky. Little does he know his dad is one of the lunatics who's tried that. Listen to mommy, Jack....don't even think about it!
This guy did stunts in his plane. Again...crazy scary! Really cool, though.

( these kids were
frozen in this position the entire time!)

All the while...this girl was pulling CRAZY stunts in her pants. Hence, the no clothes, wrapped-in-a-blanket look.

And finally, this little distraction. I don't think weight watchers would approve of funnel cakes and Kielbasa sausages?!?


Berta said...

HOW FUN! Fun pics and dialogue! Lucy is getting huge - thus, huge surprises ! ! ! ! The 'fam' looks great.

Melissa Ellen said...

Chris was in an F-14 squadron a few years ago. It was fun to go to the air shows - and so loud! I mainly enjoyed the look of awe on all the little kid's faces - too fun!

You look great, btw - I think weight watchers would approve!

Your Lucy is a little doll TOO! You have such an adorable little family!!! I've got cute family envy and blog envy all rolled into one!

Heather Menlove said...

So fun!! Those pix of the kids looking up are so good. The picture of Lucy sleeping she looks a lot like Ady, so cute!

Amy said...

What a fun weekend. Lovin' Lucy's double chin. I think that she looks a lot like Jack when she is sleeping. And cute jean your wearing. I have bought 3 pair now and hate them all. I can't find a good fit.

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

I love funnel cakes, naked babies...and I hate scary airshows! I get so worried that someone is going to die and I'm going to be watching. Glad you had such a grand time!

merideth said...

love the pics! lucy looks so great.
and i was glad to see the stroller you picked out...looks like a nice one!

Amy said...

How fun! We love the air shows! I wish that we would have been around for that one. I can't believe how big Lucy is getting. Every picture I see, she looks like Jack to me, but then not in person. Are you pulling a baby switch on me?

Oler Family said...

That looked like a blast! Cute pictures too! The best part of those kind of events is the food for sure!!

Oler Family said...

That looked like a blast! Cute pictures too! The best part of those kind of events is the food for sure!!

sheena said...

Lucy is getting so big!! And you are getting so small!!!