Thursday, May 8, 2008

pretty things

troy...this is NOT a hint. But I do think this necklace would make some deserving mother VERY happy.

(this is my cousin-in-law, Ashley's, neck.)

and here is the LINK if your husband wants to order it for you.


i also think these cutie booties would make lucy very happy.

aren't they just scrumptious?


Heather Menlove said...

You are too funny!! Love it all even the idea of using the blog to help you get stuff done. good luck. but really those closets aren't bad. I also love that you're cleaning Troys side I figure I wash Jesse clothes he can keep his closet clean.

MSGottfredson said...

I love your before an after . . . it makes me feel better about my even worse closet! I think that is a great idea, show the world, get motivated. Maybe I should try that. I also love the necklace, I may have to copy you and your cousin . . . but maybe I will wait until I am finished having kids. What, am I having more kids, who knows??? Hey, we are moving to Folsom in two weeks, we bought a house! The next time you are visiting, we just have to get together.

Ryan Southwell said...

those booties are adorable and would look perfect on Lucy's little feet! love them!
that necklace is much cooler than I was imagining. I love that too.

Melissa Ellen said...

those are both adorable finds...see, you're making me want to go shopping for kids I don't even have yet...I better get on that!

Amy said...

You always find the cutest stuff!