Sunday, September 11, 2011

Lucy's Day

Tuesday just became a day to celebrate in Lucy's world.

Because Tuesday is now the day we have preschool/playgroup with all of her friends!

I don't know about other families, but in ours sometimes it feels like Jack (the oldest) gets all the fun!

He goes to school.
He gets invited to birthday parties.
He is on a soccer team.
He gets a booster seat instead of a car seat.
He sings in the primary programs.
He's loosing his teeth and gets visited by the tooth fairy.

Finally it is Lucy's turn to have something special ALL to herself!

She is on cloud 9 when she wakes up and hears that it's a PRESCHOOL day! I am on cloud 9 when I see these 6 cuties all together! What a darling group!

When they came over to our house last time, Lucy said she wanted to learn about COLORS.

We sorted colors, played with playdough, made fruit loop necklaces, painted a color wheel, and ate delicious fruit from each color of the rainbow.

And of course we saved time for dressing up and playing house.

Note: It was really hilarious to watch Jack amongst all these girls. He was a typical boy running around trying to get attention in his batman outfit by scaring the girls. He loved it, too!



HeatherM said...

you are one amazing momma!

Maylin said...

I love this adorable group of girls! Paisley had so much fun at her "Lucy school."

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

What a darling group and what fun activities you planned! Jack "takes the cake" in his batman outfit! What a cute normal boy!!!!

merideth said...

you are seriously the most fun mom.!!

Eric and Sierra said...

I love those pictures, can we assign you playgroup photographer, maybe we could order a book at the end of, which hopefully will never come!! YOu have some mad talents!!

Bianca said...

Such a cute group of girls. Love the pics!