Wednesday, July 6, 2011

snip snip

dear jack:

eyelashes are genetically NOT our best feature

i would advise not to mess with what little we have

love mom

eyelash trim're lucky you didn't poke your eye out!


Jenn said...

How did he manage to cut eyelashes? I would never think of that. So funny!

the 2nd tallest tree said...

Well, at least he has a steady hand? :) No problem using scissors for that kid. We are still not "allowed" to show a certain child how to hold scissors correctly, she refuses to let us teach her. (But, on the up side, I suppose that has contributed to her not cutting things that ought not to be cut.)

shawna said...


Sarah said...

wow! he really was careful. too funny! this would make most women cringe around the world.

Marie said...

That is impressive he could cut so close and not poke his eye out. Maybe Lucy did it for him?

Amy said...

that makes me nervous just looking at this photo