Monday, July 4, 2011


Yesterday was a special day.

In the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-day Saints, one of the significant occasions is the time when your baby is blessed (read more here). After 3 kids, I can say that it has been one of my favorite and most spiritual experiences.

Usually, the father of the baby, stands in a circle in the company of close friends and relatives who hold the priesthood and offers a prayer giving the child a name, and blessing him with things both spiritual and temporal.

I appreciate a husband who puts a lot of thought and prayer into these blessings. I know he seeks to say what Heavenly Father would have him say.

My mom took notes during the blessing so that we could remember some of the things said.
Sam was blessed with:

a strong, deep love for the Gospel
a love of the scriptures and prayer
the desire to put on the full armor of God and to recognize its protection, and live so it won't leave
the physical and spiritual strength to withstand challenges
the ability to recognize challenges as opportunities to develop and grow
a soft, kind and tender heart full of love to succor those in need that may cross his path
the ability to be a good friend - to look beyond outward appearances - and to be no respecter of persons
a life of good health to enjoy all the phases of life
the discernment to righteously select an eternal companion - someone that can be his friend and someone who brings out the best in him
a testimony of faith in the Savior and His atonement, and a promise this faith will give him confidence throughout life
a desire to be a good father
a closeness with his family, knowing that he can turn to them for guidance and direction


After church, we walked over to the temple (our ward building is right next to the temple) and took some pictures.

Then, everyone came back to our house for brunch.
We served fruit, a sausage and egg bake, and hot, fresh, fried scones with all the toppings.
Sam slept while we enjoyed.


(Lucy is decorated with the best Sacrament meeting entertainment around....STICKERS!)


HeatherM said...


Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Such a sweet blog entry for sweet little Sam. It was truly a heavenly day! The best part was that it encompassed all the emotions from the spiritual blessing and testimonies, to the temporal fun and feasting on fabulous food. Momories that will last forever!

Mrs. Webster said...

Great blessing. Sam was adorable, as usual. ;-)

Joe and Amy said...

Congratulations Ali! This post made me homesick for Sacramento. I love that temple and the grounds and that whole Folsom area. :)

Ben and Shara said...

tender thoughts. congratulations on your newest addition. You look wonderful. I love the picture with you, your mom, and Sammy.
Do you really live close to the Sacramento temple? I should have come to visit you. I didn't realize that you lived so close. In May my whole family was in Sac. My little sis went through the temple. BTW have you run into Dan? Are you in the same stake or anything like that?

MSGottfredson said...
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MSGottfredson said...

We will try this again! Looks like a beautiful day. Same looks darling. I wish I was there to share the day with you!!

Marie said...

Sounds like a perfect day! Your pictures are beautiful as always. I can't believe how big Sammy is! Why do they have to grow up so fast? You look gorgeous Ali. what a wonderful experience.

Amy said...

I loved the blessing. He looks so pleasant and content. What a handsome baby. Wish we could be there to celebrate these awesome milestones and to meet little Sammy.

Melissa said...

What a beautiful day and fabulous pictures too! Congrats! Blessing days are my favorite too.