Tuesday, March 8, 2011

nerdy chills

I don't want to make things awkward here.

I realize people that take excessive self-portraits are weird.
Some people do it well.
I don't.

I'm always thinking: should I look pensive? sexy? non-interested? shy? girl-next-door cute?
As you can see, it's a very stressful process.
Not to mention the camera set up. That's a whole trick in itself.
My arm gets tired. The camera slides off the pillow that is on top of 3 boxes. Jack can't ever take a focused picture. You get the idea.

That said, I did it anyway.
Troy made fun of me for 10 whole minutes while the pics loaded on the computer.
But I'm glad I did because there never seems to be a time in the day when I remember to have Troy document the pregnancy of our 3rd child.
Yes, these are the ONLY pictures I have of this belly.

So here you have it.
A whole lot of me making some pretty serious, look-into-my-eyes, pregnancy faced pictures.

Don't judge.

Tomorrow I will be documenting my thoughts on pregnancy #3 thus far.

(32 weeks pregnant)


Amy said...

Sexy. Pensive. Who knows, just good to document. 32 weeks you've got to be kidding me. You look great.

Leanne said...

Ali... you are my hero! You can pull anything off! You look great and I love your "location", you have a beautiful bedroom.

Plain Jane said...

ok ok i know i was suppose to focus on your belly... super cute btw. you look GREAT! honestly though my first thought was,oooo is that silver sage on your walls? i remember you saying that you painted a room this color too recently. i LOVE it.

Marie said...

Ali, you are beautiful! I love you and am so excited for you to have your little baby in your arms, like I have mine. I love babies!

Amy said...

Love them! (no matter what Troy says) Loving the bedroom too.