Saturday, March 5, 2011

it's my party

She had two requests:

A pink cake of sorts (see below)
Dora anything...

The great thing about having family nearby is that you always have an instant party! We rounded up Grandma's and Grandpa's, aunts, uncles and cousins and called it a bash.

She LOVED it!


Grandpa Jay (aka Bozo the free clown) came equipped with a whimsical birthday hat, poppers and bubbles for entertainment. We got off cheap!


It was a great day for this little miss.
We feel so blessed to be surrounded by family!


I made a cake from my childhood! I can remember requesting this cake for most birthdays. How fun is a cake with colored Jell-o seeping through it? Troy thinks it's just trashy food, but I say Jell-o can and SHOULD be eaten at every meal! Really, though, you should try it. So light and refreshing! Fake tasting? Yes! But yummy still the same.

(click to enlarge)


Amy said...

Happy Birthday Darling Girl!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Such a fun celebration for Lucy's third. It is so fun to be a part of all the celebrating! Love, Grammy and Grampy