Wednesday, March 3, 2010


Today it's lucy bean's 2nd birthday!

There is so much we love about this girl!

To name just a few:

her coy, demure smiles that she makes us work hard for
she is patient...her needs rarely demand immediate attention (unlike brother...wink, wink)
she is VERY helpful & loves any opportunity to help load the dishwasher or sweep the floors
she loves babies and is very nurturing
she is tenderly shy
hearing her say "where'd daddy go" or "I don't know mommy"
watching her vigilantly try #2 on the potty
her developing opinions on the clothes she wears...especially shoes
her dance moves
her "tomboy" side that comes out around jack
the JOY she expresses when we are ALL together as a family
her amazing appetite
her juicy buns!!!
her stubborn side and current dramatic tantrums
her fear of loud noises (lawnmower, blender, motorcycles)
the thing she does with her eyes when she pretends not to see you when she's in trouble
loves dogs, cats and all other animals in general
begs to say "hello" to any caller
the way she still NEEDS and LOVES both mom and dad

She's just an all-around sweetheart.

We LOVE you, LUCY!


heidi said...

I just LOVE this little girl! Happy Birthday to Lucy!!

Leanne said...

so sweet! Love all your cute details you put into words! Hope she has a happy day!

collette crew said...

you are darling lucy. happy birthday!

ashlin said...

I can't believe she's already 2! I appreciate Lucy's courage to walk at her own pace even if it means getting left behind in the forest

Olive-us said...

Happy Birthday to your sweet baby. A very touching post. What beautiful pictures!

Leanne said...

Hey, where did you find the purple flowers? I have a baby shoot next week and I think that would be really pretty... I love that first pic btw... you really know how to work your backgrounds!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Those pictures are adorable! I could kiss her little cheeks right off! I love all of her different expressions. Thanks for posting them for grammy and grampie to see.
We love "Lucy"!

Amy said...

Those are amazing photos of little bean. We love you cute thing. Happy Birthday!!!!

mindy said...

She is way too cute! Happy Birthday Lucy!!

Lori said...

I'm not sure which photo I love the most: the first in the field or the one where she is covered in mud! Happy Birthday, Miss Lucy!

bBchronicles said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY, you adorable little cuteness!!!!! BEAUTIFUL photos (of course)!!!!!

Chantel said...

Long time no talk/blog! You're little lady is growing up so fast! That pic is amazing... almost as amazing as the photographer that took it! ;)

California Roney's said...

Happy 2nd Birthday you adorable Lucy! You guys make the cutest kids ever!