Friday, February 26, 2010

Bodega Bay Family Reunion

Over Christmas (yes, I am still talking about Christmas) we had a little family reunion in Bodega Bay, CA. It is a quaint, sleepy coastal town where the famous film "The Birds" was filmed.

My parents rented a great place that slept all of us in separate bedrooms and had a table big enough for everyone to eat all together. It was togetherness at it's best!

On our second day there we went to this beautiful forest for a small hike/walk/trail stroll. We don't like to over-exert ourselves while vacationing so it was all we could do to walk a mile, but knowing that lunch would be after, we found motivation to mosey and enjoy nature for a bit.

Here are my ultra-tall brothers trying to be as big as the colonel tree. It was a risky stunt and I was very nervous for Carter at the top.

Here's Brady trying to help Lucy move a little faster. We would have been there well into the night if we let her stop and look at all that she wanted to.

Cousin Carter and his adorable leash backpack. Tell me again why we've never invested in those?


After our vigorous hike we went home and enjoyed Ashlin's delicious homemade mac and cheese. I am still having flashbacks of that cheesy, warm goodness. And those almond bars...oh help me!

Each night we took a turn cooking. For my night I decided to have a casual baby shower for my brother Brady and SIL Ashlin who are expecting their first baby boy. Let's call him Brashlin, for now. I saw this little tractor themed party online and thought that would be easy to pull off while traveling. We ate BBQ beef sandwiches, strawberry salad, kettle chips, soda, and vanilla cupcakes.


sheena said...

ali, I'm really disappointed that you are not in the session totem time, next time.

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Awesome shots
Awesome location(s)
Awesome house
Awesome food
Awesome teamwork
Awesome memories
Awesome family
Awesome reunion
Awesome kids
Awesome spouses
Awesome grandkids
Awesome-ly grateful grandparents
Awesome future reunions

merideth said...

i think you should be a party planner... you have mad skills. and that little carter is a cutie. he looks a lot like jack too.

jayniemoon said...

I love that shot of Lucy being whisked away by your brother. Wasn't this like the 17th trip or reunion you had over CHristmas? Share the wealth!

Miss you. Still looking at Disneyland options every day!!

Amy said...

Here's to hoping that we'll soon be having our own mountainous adventures with the Degraffs. What about Zions over Easter?!

collette crew said...

how fun is this shower? too cool! it's always tricky to figure out ideas for boys- it turned out so great (and the food line-up is making me hungry- delish).