Thursday, February 11, 2010


My LEAST favorite cookie to make has always been a sugar cookie.

So unenjoyable as far as I'm concerned.

You mix.
You chill.
(Which is very hard when patience is NOT your virtue)
You roll.
You cut.
You chill some more.
You cut some more.
Now the shape you cut is hardly discernible because it's risen or spread into some wonky blob.
You cool.
(another thing I don't like waiting for.)
Then you frost.
It usually looks ugly, like a Kindergartner could have done a better job.
And the taste even worth it in the end?

At least that has been my experience until now.

But listen up. I have something for you that will...

a.) knock your socks off, but not your saddlebags!
b.) make you feel like a professional cookie decorator. (You'll be doing bouquets in no time)
c.) buy you a few more friends you've been wishing for.
d.) give you something fun to do with your kids.
(or you could just sit them in front of little einsteins and tell them mommy's busy being awesome while you decorate)

I want to kiss this girl because she has rocked my sugar cookie world.

These cookies are the best. They retain their shape and they stay dense and chewy for days. They are incredibly caloric and incredibly delicious. (aren't delicious and caloric synonyms?) The frosting sounds unusual, but you've got to trust me on this! It is KILLER!
And oh the fun you can have decorating!

A few tips: DON'T over cook. I take mine out when they still look blonde in color. Not even brown edges (about 12 mins). I don't use clear vanilla in the frosting. I DO bake the cookies the day before, frost the next day, and eat for the next week! They taste even better after a day of sitting out!

Please enjoy & have a wonderful VALENTINES DAY!


merideth said...

are you kidding me??? those are beautiful. wow. hmmm maybe i will attempt this on sunday with my kiddos. and lucy looks so cute.

i need to call you soon to remotivate me for the ragnar... i am losing steam quickly.

Ryan said...

Thanks for posting this recipe, Ali! What a fantastic blog...your photos are beautiful. My wife will appreciate this recipe!

sheena said...

holy professional cookie decorater.

kelly said...

Hey Martha, stop putting us all to shame...I feel like such a cookie loser.

HeatherM said...

when did lucy get hair!? she is adorable

Wendy Ferguson said...

WHAT those are beautiful and look scrumptious. Think these are in "the zone"?

Wendy Ferguson said...

by the way...

Jana said...

you are so sweet - that post seriously made my day!

i'm so glad the recipe worked so well for you :

cara lou said...

Holy crap! I can't believe your mad cookie decorating skills. Geez.

Ben and Shara said...

hey darling, just so you know, I love reading your blog. I have had many a moment when I've laughed myself to tears, and called Ben in from the other room. You've made my day more than just a few times, sometimes it just takes a beautiful picture, sometimes it is the new caramel syrup recipe. Thanks for making my day.
love you.
wow, you will be great at your new calling. you have such a talent for making people feel comfortable and loved and like you are interested in them.

Jana said...

Man, my cookies taste good, but they look nothing like those. Those are so pretty.

ps i want an invite to your private blog. even though i never remember to check private blogs, i'd like to know that I could, if I wanted to. :)


Marsha Lueck said...

i umm, yeah you, so good, no... amazing! I am speechless.. you make it look so easy! Great cookie love love them! I need to try these babies out! Good thing we are running so much, well maybe you... I havent started getting serious enough!That is my running stats are feeling pretty dry!
Hot mama, Diva.. thanks for a wonderful cheery cookie post!

yeah, add me to your greatness of a blog follower list.

ashlin said...

I made this recipe today but I got a little too carried away with the rolling pin so they came out wafer thin and the frosting looked like the work of a 5 year old but they still tasted good though! thanks for the recipe!

Heather said...

I cooked mine too long :(

I can never figure these out - I will attempt it again though. These turned out awesome!

ali said...

heather....after messing up many times, the key is: roll out thick and DO NOT let edges get brown. Seriously, my cookies look raw when I take them out.

California Roney's said...

These are the most amazing looking sugar cookies. Girl you are so stinkin talented.

California Roney's said...

These are the most amazing looking sugar cookies. Girl you are so stinkin talented.

ali said...

patience...whatever! I know you are the sugar cookie queen! This recipe is REALLY similar to yours!