Wednesday, February 17, 2010

library poo

We just got a new library in town.

It's great.
I love taking my kids there, hoping they will develop a lifelong love of reading.
(even though my attention span for reading is limited to books with lots of pictures and big print)
But, here's to hoping.

Only problem with the library is that it seems to trigger a poop response in Lucy.
Of the four times we've visited in the last month, she's pooped in her diaper 3 times!

Last time was the icing on the cake.
While standing in the line to check out our stack of books, Lucy hunkered down in her "business" position, face turning all shades of red. Judging by the aroma, she confirmed for the 3rd time that the library encourages her movements.

Quickly I try to get out of there as the smell was gagging the patrons one by one.
Then as I turn to look at her, she is holding her hand up with you-know-what on each fingertip.

That's when you just have to abandon ship and read the books from your own collection for the week!


Wendy Ferguson said...

hahahahah I don't blame her..Barnes and Noble has the same effect on me. :) i do try to keep my fingers clean though. (sorry). :)

bBchronicles said...

Can you HEAR ME LAUGHING from 1,000 miles away?!!!!! That's the FUNNIEST THING I've HEARD in a long time! Time to write a book! You ROCK! Lucy ROCKS!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Thanks for the latest poop. I Love Lucy...but just not on the pot. She will cherish this picture in here high school yearbook.

Amy said...

OOOooooooo lucy!

sheena said...

not sure how I feel about hearing "icing on the cake" in a post about poop......

way to go lucy. please call my lucy and tell her what's up.