Wednesday, January 13, 2010

watch for the blinking red light

Let me tell you how fun it is to take pictures of your own family...

on auto-timer
with kids that are only pacified by candy
with dad and brothers groaning about "just a couple more shots"
and mom stressed out about the family cooperating
all this while running back into position and trying to look as skinny as possible.

It's FUN!

Almost as fun as road trips when your kids have the flu
but not quite as fun as a P90x workout.

Ok. So, I'm being dramatic. I do that well. Everyone was mildly behaved, and we actually did it. Ahhhhhhh....

(p.s. If it had oodles of time I would show you all the out takes. they tell the real story.)

But for now, here is my family.


{mom & dad}

{grandkids - jack, lucy, carter}

{brother tallon}

{us looking so family photo-ish}

{brother brady & ashlin}

{brother garrett, mindy & carter}

And that's a wrap.


Ben and Shara said...


I wish you lived closer. I need documentation. I need proof of my kids. Proof that I am a momma to three adorable gems.

heidi said...

So Cute! I love them all! It helps that your family is darling...every single one of you!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Ali, Your dad looks like an old man. Oh ya I am an old man. He definitely has a smile-problem. Oh well, he makes the rest of the fam. look good. The kids inherited ALL his good looks because your mom, Gwen still has her's. Love your old man. PS Thanks for doing a great job touching me up.

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...
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Sara Jane said...

you have a beautiful family Ali! Great pics.

Marsha Lueck said...

Hahahah! Funny! We posted the same time about... Family!
I have to say, your photos are amazing. We had not much than a brick wall to work with and a bright desert field...grrr. The park (which is amazing) was closed on Christmas day! Once we took pictures... someone opened the gates. It was a frustrating experience. (not that I need to explain)

Your photos are awesome al!

Amy said...

ok...Those loke GOOD! Nothing like what I was imagining from your story. I was expecting lots of red noses and tear filled eyes. I loved the group shot. Oh how I wish you could take ours. I mean the WHOLE family.

Amy said...

me again. The grandkids are completely adorable!!! Oh and I got my 2 grand back. Yahooooooo!

merideth said...

awesome family shot... and i love that one with your parents and the grandkids. so cute.

hey when are you guys coming here again??
i can't wait. how about we swing a family photo session in there by you... that would be awesome.
(wade will hate me for saying that.)

sheena said...

Ali I love your family!! These turned out SO good....dying over Lucy kissing grandpa!

Marie said...

Why did I not have you take pictures of my kiddos when I was there? Oh, because we were way too busy chatting, eating, chasing kids and having fun. I wish I had 20 more days there with you and Kelly.

Your photos are simply amazing. Seriously.

Hey, how about we set Talon up with another Wheeler gal. That would be beyond cool. Twin brothers marrying cousins. If I can't be a part of that family then I want someone I know to have the chance. How does he feel about older women? :)

Sara Decker said...

Will you please take my family pictures this year? I am always in love with any picture you take, I want them to be of my family and kids at some point!!!

ali said...

sara...anytime, of course!

jayniemoon said...

We have done that self-timer thing so many times---I can imagine the outtakes without you showing us any! Great work Al--they look so great!

Kasey said...

I am really laughing!! You are killing me with that last post about your dad and his honest gift giving.

Your pictures look amazing! while scrolling down to my surprise I had a mini make out session with your brother Tallon! the picture is life size! Love it.

Amber21 said...

Awesome, amazing pictures Love them there very cute :)

Michelle said...

I LOVE the pictures of the family. Thanks for sharing!

California Roney's said...

They are awesome. I love em! What a great job. I cant believe how big lucy is getting. Jack also, but lucy is looking like a little lady! Miss you guys!

collette crew said...

love these! and impressive button presser to photo posser job- you make it look effortless.

I never told you- thanks for your card- I loved it!

Anonymous said...
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