Wednesday, January 6, 2010

seek no further

I realize I am a little behind the curve with this post.  

Two weeks ago you would have been begging for some advice like this.  
Some direction for your Christmas shopping.

Well, seek no further.  
I am about to unveil....
Jay's 2009 Gift-giving Guide.

For as long as I can remember, my dad has been the master of gift giving.  He is always thinking of creative gifts.  

Here's the catch:  usually nothing over 3 dollars, mostly disguised as a children's toy, almost always unique and not always applicable.

So without further ado I bring you a slew of ideas for all your gift-giving needs in 2010!
(please keep in mind that NONE of these gifts were for the grandchildren)

Flip-Up Basketball Hoop
because what grown adult doesn't need one of these?

Eye Grow
you can choose your own sticker smiles

Double-brushed Toothbrush
it's like a carwash for your teeth.  cuts brushing time in half!

Mini Harmonica
for my not-so-mini 6'9" brother who used to drive us all crazy on family vacations buzzing on his harmonica

Gummy, Stretchy Body Parts

Grow a Degree/a Wife
for the scholar and single brother

His and Hers Anti Monkey Butt Powder
good thing sister-in-law mindy does not easily offend.

Blinking Reindeer Noses
i am sure corny family pictures were on the agenda with these gems

Feet Theme Gifts
you are really in trouble Christmas morning if my dad has thought of "theme" gifts for you.  my brother is a podiatrist.  so there you have it.

Each gift came finely wrapped with a clue written on the outside.  We were not allowed to open until we guessed what was inside.

I am still mad at myself for not being able to guess my grass growing eye plant.
How could I miss that?

Thanks Dad for another memorable Christmas.
And thanks Mom for a few "real" gifts.  phew.


Tracy said...

Seeing your dad's face come across my blog roll totally made my day...I was lucky enough to be the recipient of a few Jay gifts at work (mostly almond related products, chocolate gold coins and "winning" lottery tickets). They were always a highlight!

Marsha Lueck said...

How FUN!!! Love your post Ali!Love your Dad.. and I really don't know him besides a few occasions as a youth. What a creative man!
Glad your Christmas was a gem!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Can I clarify my tongue? That is NOT mine, but rather taken from the rubber body parts..pictured later. It is nice to be remembered, but it may be nice to be forgotten too...especially with such cheezy gifts. Since Tracy at work was a winner what better gift than a fake winning lottery ticket. Be careful with these the thrill of victory can lead to the agony of defeat and the recipient may use de-feet to kick you.

collette crew said...

okay- glad for the clarification. I was thinking "that is one skinny tongue!"

your last comment made me smile- mostly because I love you too. there, we've said it. I'm so glad you found me- or we found each other... it's been really fun to be friends. so thanks.

and I really wish we could have seen you guys while in San Diego- it was such a fast trip, but I still should have called just to say we were close.

thanks for the gift advice... brandon will love getting some stretchy body parts next year.

Ben and Shara said...

Once I saw the tongue as a stretchy part I was able to calm my troubled thoughts about the first picture.

I'm loving these gifts. The real question is how long does it take to round all of these up? Is there one amazing store that has all of this or does he spend many many hours seeking out gas stations, joke stores, and dive-y joints to find them?

It seems like there is some sort of connection with each gift to the kids in the family. That is true love that he can find a funny something to relate to. Your dad's creativity is a real gift. My dad is the type to just hunt for something the day before type of guy, that is, if he does it at all, then I usually ask for the receipt so I can return it.

Jenny said...

I was also concerned about the size of your dad's tongue.

Marie said...

I love the clue and guess idea! We always love his gifts...yummy almonds!!!!