Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Oregon Coast goodbyes- day three

Our time at the coast ended WAY too soon!  Each day we tried to balance activities and sightseeing with relaxation, but it still felt like there was so much of both left undone and unseen.  We never even made it through a late night movie on Chad's rad projector.  We ran out of time to drive up to Astoria or eat at the Pig n' Pancake.  We still wanted to tour the Tillamook cheese factory and ride cool buggy bikes on the sand.

But, we did make the most of the time we had.  And it was a good time.

The day of our departure started out with an early morning trip to the tide pools in front of Haystack Rock.  The weather was perfect.  Crisp and cool, yet just sunny enough to warm you through a light sweater.

The kids loved exploring.

Lucy didn't seem to like the idea of water this early in the morning, so she kept a low-profile on the dry sand inspecting each shell along the way.

Jack, on the other hand, wanted to touch, smell, and probably even taste some of the new sea life he discovered.  Early on, he found the remains of a dead jelly fish (you can see it in his hand) and refused to let it go.

When we returned back to the beach house to pack and tie up loose ends, we discovered Amy and Chad down at the beach having a delightful morning marshmallow roast.  

Who doesn't want roasted marshmallows at 10 am?

We said our goodbyes to the Cape Cottage and set out for a view point on the edge of town.  Appropriately, the Cannon family made a last minute stop in Cannon beach for matching sweatshirts that bore their namesake.  

I sense a photo shoot coming on....

Let's have a family cute-off.  okay...they totally win! 
How can we compete with matching sweatshirts?  That's a total "shoe in"

On our way out of town we stumbled upon 
Bell Buoy's Seafood and Restaurant 
after discovering the BBQ joint in the bright pink trailer home was closed.  

It turned out to be a pleasant mistake.  Troy and I were able to feast on lump crab until we grew claws.  
Such a good way to end a great trip to the Oregon Coast!

{some of these gorgeous photos, like the one directly above, were taken by Amy}

Now back to Portland for more vacation fun!
(just when you thought it was over, right?)


Amy said...

Toasted marshmallows and some good crab doesn't get much better!

The Close's Place said...

Ali, you look so beautiful in all your pictures!!!

ali said...

amy - agreed.

stacy - that's because I only select the pictures that I look the skinniest and prettiest in. isn't that what a blog is for? thank you.

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Not to live in the past, but that is what us old folks do.....I am sure Ali remembers staying with our friends in Astoria and visitng the cheese factory in Tillamock...well maybe she doesn't. So hopefully her great pictures will cause Jack and Lucy NOT to forget their great trip. Sometimes memories are only as good as your pictures. And the older you get-the better it was.

Scott-n-Allison said...

Hey Ali...I met you at the wedding reception. I talked to Lori the other day and she said that you two were going to get together. I'm so glad! You'll LOVE her.

It looks like you had so much fun in Oregon. Your pictures are great!

ali said...

Hey Allison! We did meet up and yes, she is wonderful!

Marie said...

I agree with Stacy...you are absolutely gorgeous! And your photos are amazing and your trip looks like the best! So glad it was fun.

Oler Family said...

family cute-off indeed!