Thursday, September 17, 2009

Oregon Coast - day one

The second day of our vacation started off with a scenic drive down to the Oregon Coast where we planned to spend two glorious, rain-free, days playing and sightseeing to our heart's content.

However, as we know, no heart is truly content unless the belly is content, so 40 minutes into the drive, we had to stop for a bite at Camp 18.  It's been called the "sturdiest restaurant in the west" which Amy must have thought would be PERFECT for her STURDY-ish houseguests.  We've been known to out-eat the best of them and this restaurant did a fine job of letting us showcase our abilities.  btw - food may be a common theme in this trip, so if that bores you....well, you're just plain old weird.

Starting with the giant cinnamon roll that Amy ordered.  We regret to this day that we did not get a picture, but honestly, we had that thing divided up and devoured in lightning speed.  

So, thank you internet for not letting my readers down.  I bring you (drumroll please)....the massive swirl of deliciousness.  And we all know butter makes everything better, so why not slop a little on the top?  and again...if large quantities of butter bothers you, please refer back to my first insult.  weird...just plain weird.

After fully stuffing our faces, we managed to exit out the back and roll downhill to the river lining the property.  Since Amy and I both equally enjoy having a camera as a permanant appendage to our bodies, we agreed to take pictures with each other in them.  Something that doesn't happen very often.

Our Family

Our Portland compadres

Then back on the road again...coast-bound!

When we arrived at the beach house, we quickly laid our stuff down and headed straight for the beach.

You know it was exciting because if Lucy cracked some smiles, it MUST have been good!

Jack showed his usual excitement in sprint intervals and high-pitched screams.

....which leaves only one more celebratory ritual to be performed...

the ROBOT march!!!
*please note* objects (like extremely large paddle hands) may appear larger in picture than actual size.

After exploring the beach by our house, we decided to take a short jaunt up the road to investigate the famous caves and waterfall at Hug Point.

The vistas were breathtaking.  

And by the end of the evening we were all tuckered out and ready for bed (and a tad bit grumpy too)!

Please know, we are only on day TWO of the DeGraff Family Adventures in Oregon.

there's lots more where this came from.  lots.  
don't get too excited.


merideth said...

ali your photos are amazing. seriously love them.
i am ready for day three!

Oler Family said...

great pictures! My favorite is the one of the 2 kids on the cute!I love jack's curly hair! And now I'm craving a cinnamon bun!

Fawn said...

your photog skills are ah-mazing ali!! and i love your hair!

sheena said...

my beach post loves your beach post.

our blogs are twins this photos it!

Jen Giorgis said...

Is it too early in our relationship for me to tell you that I am in love with you? Seriously lady you are so amazing!!! No really though, I <3 You!

P.S. Love the b&w of Troy and the 2 kids, and that is the actual size of those paddle hands! Out of control!

Marie said...

oooooooo I love the Oregon Coast. Did I already mention that?

HOW in the world do your children look like miniatures on the beach? It looks like photoshop, but I'm sure it's your awesome photography skills.

I love your vacation.

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

The trouble with a good that you don't know if Ali gets the credit OR is it really that pretty. CAMP 18 looks like no Oregon campground we frequented on our trips there. After all that good food and beauty, I can't believe you even liked my homemade spaghetti on your way back....let alone visitng Lake Natoma here.