Tuesday, September 15, 2009

next stop - beach house at arch cape

We've rented our fair share of houses off of vrbo.com.

We like it because it always has a lot of pictures and comments from previous vacationers.

This one was enticing because one of the comments read,

  "the beach path is close enough that 3 brothers-in-law in their mid-30's could run down to the beach for a sunset dip and back to the backyard hot tub to warm up without keeling over."

Awesome, right?

Well awesome until you get in there and your mind starts to wander and you begin thinking about the 3 brothers-in-law (grossly obese in my daydreams) lying on your bed (maybe even in the buff which you really try not to think about to avoid losing your lunch), still wet from the hot tub, picking at their chest hairs, and eating cheesy nachos and drinking ice cold beers...all on the very place I am about to lay my head for the night.

But once I got over that....


Felt just like home only with the ocean breezes and sounds of crashing waves.  
I'm ready to do it all again!


Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

And to think we, in traveling with the fam. thought the Oregon State Campgrounds were the best with plant enclosed sites and showers. What a nice beach house!!! Oregon is the best (if you can get get by to the rain-which we never really experienced in our many family trips there.

Marie said...

What a tease Ali! I want more pictures....details....all the fun. But I also know how tedious it can be to upload pictures...so I forgive. Glad you had fun!

Oler Family said...

what a cute place...keep the pictures coming!

shawna said...

Wow that place looks great!