Tuesday, August 4, 2009

inquiring minds want to know...

This morning at the gym, Jack was happily greeted by his girlfriend Sierra.

She made him lunch one time.  Plastic lettuce.
She fixed herself an imaginary plastic burger complete with floppy bacon strips.
He set their love straight at that moment.
Burgers for ME.  Lettuce for you.
Got it, woman?

Today was interesting.
They met eyes, then exchanged a few awkward but giddy body movements.
Then Jack signaled me to hunch down for a secretive inquiry.

"Mommy.  Does she have a wittle penis?"
(should I be nervous about putting the "P" word in large print?)

NO, son.  She is a girl.  Girls don't have that part.

But you know, you can never be too safe.
It's always good to ask.

and then they played.

(an old picture taken after a potty stop on a road trip home from Tahoe.)


Marie said...

Have I ever told you....you're beautiful!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Ali is a beauty....she inherited ALL her dad's good looks....because her mom still has hers. The private part story reminds me of when Gwen wanted the kids to know the correct names. When Ali and I were in the department store she blurted out, after looking up a mannequin's dress, that there was no male body part-blurted out in correct terms to all the shocked shoppers. We resorted back to nicknames. Pay backs are tough.

Oler Family said...

That is hilarious! I was laughing so hard reading your dad's comment too! I love that picture of you and Jack. You are one hot momma!!

heidi said...

Love the picture! And I love how inquisitive Jack is. It makes for some good times!

merideth said...

luke questions me all the time about that... wondering if i have one. i think he feels bad for me. he thinks it is so cool!!

Kaylynn said...

I can't stop laughing. I love that he whispered it to you. . . mine would have blurted it out loud!

mel said...

that picture is just darling!

this post made me laugh and think back to something my grandma recently told me. when my dad and uncle were about 2 and 3 my aunt was born. one night after she was born, my papa heard my uncle and dad talking in their room. he heard one of them say: "her's got 2 butts and one has a tallywacker in it" My grandma told me this story and I just crack up about those little blonde hair blue eyed boys asking something quite similar to what your cute little blonde hair blue eyed boy asked :)

too cute.