Sunday, August 2, 2009


I was acting so tough.  

Especially around Troy.

He tends to be the "softie" when it comes to kids, and I tend to be the "hardnose" let's-get-down-to-business mom.

But really, it's just an act.
Deep down, I am just a big marshmallowy softie too.

It became evident tonight as we bravely walked out to the tree to hang the bag of binkies (or just binky because we couldn't seem to find the other 13 that are usually laying around) and jack reached in the bag before hanging it up and whispered sweetly, "just one more suck".

I lost it.  so did troy. 
I am losing it right now.
It was really so sad.
And I can't stop crying.

Tomorrow will be better, right?


Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

As you kids said many times "its not easy raising parents these days"

heidi said...

oh that is so sad. hope it's better today. I can just hear Jack say sweet, and yet so heart wrenching all at the same time!!

Oler Family said...

awww! that is so cute! i hope today is better for you!

Sarah Hull said...

now I'm crying.

good luck today.

Fawn said...

ohh ali!! i undersatand and tomorrow will be better!! i am fighting the tears right now!! :( you did good mama, you did good!!

The Close's Place said...

Oh Man, Ali, that is so funny. How come I'm the only one that thinks that is funny? I love his yearning for a goodbye suck :)

Amy said...

He really is the cutest. Can't wat to see you guys.

Marie said...

This sounds like me trying to wean Kate..."Oh, nice nursings Mom," she would say. Now, how's a mom supposed to say no to that?

This is too much information isn't it? But hey, I weaned her, she's she's wonderful. It will get better, I promise.

One day you'll look at him and think, "I can't imagine him sucking on a binky now."

It'll happen...really.

You make me want to cry too though.