Sunday, July 26, 2009

did I really just push "publish post"?

 you find it strange when pubescent teenage girls take professional pictures with little girls they babysit?

She is a close family friend, in my defense.

I've heard of that website for awkward family photos, but this photo reaches beyond all awkwardness.

It's bad in so many ways.

First off, why are we holding fresh cut sunflowers?
Second, gotta love the window pane backdrop.

Now for the labeled points of awkwardness:

a.  classic triangle hairdo with rounded curling iron edges
b.  maroon colored lipstick from mom's collection, I'm sure
c.  braces
d.  unruly eyebrows. 
 (no wonder the vietnamese lady said to me when I was getting my wedding nails done, "you eyebrows BUSHY....very, very bushy.")
e.  hand woven aztec-y belt

gag me with a spoon. 
speaking of gagging, I just showed my husband this photo from the forgotten archives, and I think he gagged a little too.  Then closed his eyes, and shook his head almost as though to shake it from his memory all together.  bless him.

The good thing is that the darling little girl saves the photo.

And even better than that, she just got more and more darling with time.

Here she is as a Senior.
She lives in Virginia, but I got to take pictures for her during a short visit to California.
And speaking of California.
I am coming up to the greatest place in California....

drumroll please


If you want pictures while I am there visiting my family, contact me at

And go HERE for more details!


jayniemoon said...

This is the best blog on the internet.

heidi said...


love it. Triangle hair rocks!

sheena said...

ali i love you.

and.....I didn't know you could wear mom jeans before you were actually a mom.....way to go!

Oler Family said...

I love Troy's reaction! I think I will do the same right now!!

the 2nd tallest tree said...

Triangle hair DOES rock, Heidi.
As proof, Heidi has taken several pictures of me as recently as last year sporting the triangle hair, or as I lovingly call it, "mushroom head".
Oh, how I hate my hair.

the 2nd tallest tree said...

And...why are you so DARN funny?!

Amy said...

wow...Who's idea were the pictures, yours or hers.

ali said...

amy - I'm guessing it was a free Olan Mills promotional deal. 1 free 8x10. something like that. i hope.

Lori said...

That picture is stunning. The way you captured her eyes there. WoW!!!!
I am really bummed that we will be in Utah the same time you are visiting Sac. I would love to have you take our family photo next time you come down though.

Which lens and camera did you use on that shot? I am unsure if I should go with the Canon 5D or a Nikon when I make my next big purchase for a camera.

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

Yes, Ali, as a youth, inherited ALL my good looks because Gwen still has her's. They say that during the teen years, the spirit kind of leaves the body, but maybe good looks leave the body too. On the other hand Courtney looks great!!! So much for my teenage theorizing.

Katie said...

Your are so funny!!! I had one of those belts Loved it.

ali said...

lori - I use a Canon 30D and the lens in the 24-70 f/2.8. But I would die of envy if you got the 5D! I am saving my pennies for that one!

Desta said...

If only you had been there at the beginning of July. We need a good picture in the worst way.

Joe and Amy said...

Ali, you are so funny! I love reading your blog. I would love to have you take pictures of our family, but that week isn't good for us. When you come again will you please let me know. We are really in need of a family picture. If you think about it, I would love an email when you're in the area again. You are an amazing photographer. We would LOVE to do a session with you.

emily k. smith said...

I see no reason for shame. Why, if I had a nickel for every professional picture I had taken of me and random kids I babysat I would be sittin' pretty about now.

On a more serious note, you don't know me but we both know Jayne so I hope you don't mind me crashing your blog. Are you from Sacramento? Because I watched an episode of Diners, Drive in's and Dives and they did a piece on Cafe Rol in Sacramento and I don't think my life will ever be complete until I eat there. Have you been and is it really that good?

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