Friday, June 12, 2009

he needed to know.

I guess my kids are brilliant.

Or at least smarter than Jayne's.

Because somehow she gets away with telling her little ones that ice cream trucks are "music trucks" that drive around our neighborhoods and grace us with annoying children's songs.

Not mine.

They know what's inside that truck.
They've seen their neighborhood friends walk away with sweet, drippy popsicles before. And I'll admit, I did spoil them with a frozen treat sometime last year.  I thought they'd forget.

They haven't forgotten.

In fact, by the time I heard the tinkling, tinny sounds of the truck intensify, Jack was already in the street waiting.  (in his underwear, mind you)

So I grabbed a handful of coins (not enough, because wouldn't you know those sugar and water treats will now run you about 2 bones a piece?!?) and ran out into the street.

But this time I didn't care about buying a popsicle.
I had a bone to pick with old Jawahar.

You see, lately he's been driving through the streets around, oh, 7:30 or 8ish PM!  Right around the time my kids have just been read to, prayed with, sung to, and tucked in for the night.
Then they hear a playful rendition of Frosty the Snowman (yeah...don't ask.) and their senses are awakened!

So you can see why I marched right out there with my ONE dollar in coins (not enough to buy and ice cream, just so you know) just to gently tell Jawahar that 3 in the afternoon is a PERFECT time to sell ice cream.  NOT 8!

Our work is done now.
Jawahar knows how the mom with the underdressed kids feels.

So we marched away triumphantly with our treats....4 dollars poorer and 4000 calories richer!


Jack and his endless collection of expressions. 

It was a sad 1st experience for lu bean.


Fawn said...

at least he actually drives by the house..our ice cream man is a man of mystery. he came by once and ever since, we only hear him but never see him.. i love that you are on a first name basis.. :)

delaney said...

They are all sooo cute!!!! poor lucy.... she dropped her popsicle!!!!

Kaylynn said...

I love that even having no clothes on Lucy is still accessorized appropriately! I could take lessons from her!

Jamie said...

At least Jack had shoes on, that was very thoughtful!

California Roney's said...

Those pictures are adorable, now spill the beans on where you got that adorable flower for Lucy????

jayniemoon said...

Ha! You should've learned your lesson earlier, Ali. MUSIC TRUCK!

The music truck came around our last house around 10 pm--to the massive govt. subsidized apartments close by. We're pretty sure he wasn't selling ice cream but other expensive addictive substances.

Troy said...

That popsicle would not have been lost if dad was home.

collette crew said...

these pictures are classic! love them. glad ol'jawahar knows the rules now- 8pm rounds? my heavens! thanks for the great orange/teal link! I love a new site to visit. happy summer!

Berta said...

SUPER-DUPER-CUTE! "Sweet" stuff! ! !