Tuesday, June 3, 2008

We caught him!

Apparently old man Jawahar of the Jazy Ice Cream Company has a lead foot.
For two months we've been trying to catch him when we hear the twinkling melodies echoing through the neighborhood.

but how...how might I ask...does he expect children to catch him when he cruises through at speeds of 40mph?

The first time I waved.
The second time I whistled.
The third time I hooted and hollered.
and this time I placed my running shoes by the door with a stack of quarters and chased him down with a high speed sprint.

it was all worth it for this chocolaty banana goodness.
why are all ice cream men and their trucks creepy?
creepy or not, their ice cream ROCKS!

what's your favorite ice cream truck treat?


Jen Giorgis said...

So cute....I haven't bought ice cream from the ice cream truck since I was a little girl. I must also say that you are a better mom than I b/c my son doesn't know about the ice cream man and I don't plan on telling him any time soon. My favorite traet was always the red, white, and blue bomb pops! (white being my favorite flavor of the 3)

merideth said...

i gotta agree with jen i loved to get the red white and blue rocket pops.
and a fudgsicle (not sure on spelling)is always yummy too.

Heather said...

That is hilarious. That guy lived just down the street from us. He is the one with the Virgin Mary in his front yard. I agree though that most ice cream men are creepy along with their windowless crappy vans. LOL.

Oler Family said...

Jack has me craving icecream now..that's about the same way that I look while eating it too!! I agree with Jen and Mer it was always the red white and blue rockets for me too!

Heather Menlove said...

you make everyday things so funny! jack is so big little sufer boy

Hull Family said...

Funny that you should ask... I loved the candy cigarettes. The kind that when you would blow on them "smoke" (sugar) would come out the end! It's interesting to me that the only place I could buy them were from the dirty ice cream truck man. What is more interesting is WHY on earth did my church-going parents allow me to even get those?

Those pictures are classic.
cute post.

kelly southwell said...

this post is hilarious!!! I love it! that guy always creeps me out too. my kids hear him every day and I'm always saying no....I'm sure I'll give in plenty this summer.

cute pics of Jack...as always :)

Olive-us said...

That is a very funny post!
Our ice cream man cruises our street daily in neutral. And he NEVER has anything to sell but Mango Chili pops and bags of three-year-old Cheetos.
But he always has a smile on his face.
(That's kind of creepy now that I think about it.)
Needless to say, we go to our local grocery store for our ice cream fixes.

Desta said...

I thought you were going to say that this time you flashed him! But seriously, these guys must be paid by the hour or something.

Jay & Gwen Sessions said...

Maybe our ice cream man, Amin, will slow down in our neighborhood when Jack comes to visit.

We would love to treat him to a rocket pop. He seems to really get into the treat.

Love Grandpa and ma

Kasey said...

We were never allowed to approach the I cream man. But, I do remember him driving awfully fast to the tune of Hot Cross Buns....

jayniemoon said...

We have an ice cream truck that comes at 10 pm--even in the winter--and hangs out at an apt complex (the great and spacious building). We think his goods include cocaine and marijuana.

Amy said...

The picture with the ice cream man in it looks like he's pointing at you and telling you not to take his picture!

sheena said...

this is so so funny to me. our (scary) icecream (lady/man?) also goes sooooo fast. like breaking the law fast down our little street. as soon as you hear the music she's already gone.

and she plays christmas music.

summer said...

Ali- PLEASE tell me that your grandpa is Brother Sessions?????

ali degraff said...

summer. you hit it on the nose!

At my brother's missionary farewell he was in charge of the benediction. So what does he do? He gets up and tells the congregation to repeat after him the Lord's Prayer. when people were dumbstruck by his instructions, he put his hand up to his ear and said, "louder...i can't hear you."

all five of my family members and I immediately shot our heads into our laps with embarrassment. He's a character and always will be.

anyone who knows him, has a story to tell about ole Marc.

summer said...

Oh Ali! My parents just LOVE him and we are highly entertained with stories about him. So you can put my parents on the list for good stories from Ole Marc! He is darling!!! And the inventor of Neutrogena right?

Whitney Amelia said...

jawahar is a hottie, and the ice cream looks deliciouso i wish he would come to my neighborhood! montana doesnt have ice cream trucks, they sure have a lot of drive through whiskey stores for the cowboys and ranchers!
i think my favorite ice cream treat would be double chocolate fudge dripping with chocolate fudge sundae...does he sell those?
the photos are greatness someday you need to teach me your tricks!
congrats on lucy's blessing, her dress was simple yet classy...i like. im glad she was calm and good, that can be stressful.

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

I always got the missile pops because they were the cheapest and HUGE! I guess I've been frugal since my youth. Mrs. Cheapo