Monday, December 29, 2008

sweet apologies

We meant to wish you all a merry christmas.  We really did.

Problem is, we got busy consuming obscene amounts of this:

...and adding extra poundage to our hips....enough to make us add another goal to our New Year's Resolution list (as though it doesn't make it on there EVERY year!)

  Our neighbors can thank us for the clogged arteries via the most delicious cinnamony, sugary, cream cheesy, buttery sinful cinnamon rolls EVER.  (but i don't want to brag)

Our kids can thank us for two weeks of  unbridled sugar intake. 

Please notice Jack shoving fistfuls of candy into his mouth and lucy with frosting remains dripping from her lips.
Maybe next year Jack will be less busy consuming and more busy creating.  That sad milk carton house needs some bedazzling!

And our dentist can thank us for not brushing Jack's teeth after decorating sugar cookies at 8pm on Family Night.

But shoot.  Would the holidays be the holidays without consuming mass quantities of baked goods and candy?  

Please say no.  

And please say you'll forgive us for not wishing you a merry Christmas.  We hope you had a wonderful one!  

Love from our hips to yours.


sheena said...

I love your hips and I'm glad they're back!! I want everything you made!! I heard from a little bird that the cinnamon rolls were the absolute best ever...although I did not see mine attached to my card...?

your lucy + my lucy =bff.

sheena said...

ps. meet me in sacramento this weekend?

Jen Giorgis said...

Seriously...those rolls look scrumptious! I am thinking about making some today because now I really want one. As for the whole dentist thing, really does it matter, they are just his baby teeth. It's not like he'll have those forever. I was just trying help you to feel better about it all. Hope you too had a great Christmas. Loved the card!!!

Jay and Gwen Sessions said...

What a SWEET Chrismas. When we come down HIDE the goodies-we are too sweet already. Looking forward to spoiling Jack and Lucy, but being around their cousins was certainly a treat for them. Love Pops and GLA-ma

Marsha Lueck said...

Looks like a very SWEET Christmas!(wink, wink) love it!
Thanks for commenting on our blog. I should give you a call and talk photo stuff, I seriously love your work! You are very talented!My confidence is still a little shy... I say I have a mentor, but really it is this old creapy guy from my ward who has alot of equiptment and lets me borrow a lens here or there. I can't seem to get much out of him... he is old school! hahahaha, but I am grateful that I have a little something to work with.
Seriously busy bee... if you have a moment I would love to chat about the photo world.. Random I know!
Your Family is beautiful... wishing you a happy New Year!

summer said...

Too bad we don't live closer.... those look magnificent!

jayniemoon said...

Oh Al,
You're the best. I believe you'd be just the person to ride along-side me in a car and yell at runners to stop running and ruining it for the rest of us. Bring on that sugar!

jayna said...
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jayna said...

Hi. I'm a total blog stalker coming out into the open right now. I used to live in the Aliso and Laguna wards (I know Summer, Patience, Abi, Etc.) but I don't think I ever met you, or else we left before you came. Either way, I stalked you off of Abi's page one day and I have been a loyal peeper every since. Sometimes I am downright SHOCKED at how you think. Because I swear to you that I have the same thoughts!(My narcisism drives me to find people just like me to stalk.) Actually, man-pris and metracho are what sent me out of secrecy with my stalking- it was too hilarious that I have in fact used both of those terms in my own world. Just wanted you to know that you have a blog twinner now living in Idaho. And if you see my address pop up a million times, now you know why. (p.s. you take such great pictures...we ooohed and aaahed over the Thacker's christmas card pic!)

kelly said...

I love all these pics and YES I am happy to be that little birdie to tell people your cinnamon rolls were to DIE for!!!