Friday, August 15, 2008

touche...pronounced "too shay" for all the non-french speakers

So the other day I was sneaking spoonfuls of Rocky Road ice cream out of the container. I like to use that method often because it doesn't make me feel so indulgent if I am just "sampling" from the carton rather than scooping it into a bowl. Even though my small samples usually equal about a three bowls by the time I'm finished.

At any rate, I was trying to be sly and quick because I didn't want Jack to notice, and I didn't want to eat too much because it is Troy's FAVORITE ice cream and he ALWAYS notices when I've had a particularly tempting day. Well, just as I'm slipping the quart back into the freezer, Jack runs up saying, "Mmmmm...Yummy". I quickly tried to ignore him and hide the evidence, but no luck. He is now at my feet saying, "Mommy, share."

Immediately I start to chuckle for two reasons. For weeks we've been working on no avail. And now he's telling me to share? Secondly, the kid only says a few words and for the first time I'm hearing, "Mommy, share"?

Reluctanly, (but secretly thinking inside how darling and irresistible he is) I pulled out the carton and shared a few more "samples" with him. We were as happy as clams!

Now fastforward a few days. Today I pulled out the quart for my daily fix. It felt quite empty and light, so immediately I start get to get worked up thinking, "What? Did Troy eat this and put an empty carton back in the freezer?" (it could happen, folks.) Then what do I see when I open the lid?

someone really got me!

touche, BABE...touche!


kelly southwell said...

Perfectly blogged.

such a funny story!

Oler Family said...

That is too funny! I ALWAYS get caught trying to quickly inhale something before one of my kids can see. I love that Troy left the note in the empty container...he could have at least left you one bite!!

heidi said...

too funny--now just plan a way to get him back with something equally creative.

Darrell and Traci said...

You could'nt of asked for a more funnier story that was great.

Kaylynn said...

I love it!!!!

Marie said...

I think I recently blogged on my "hiding out" in a corner to eat my yummies all alone. :)

Fun to catch up on your blog.

Jay & Gwen Sessions said...

Jack was a great share-er. He enjoys feeding grandpa. When we sub-ed in Nursery a while back, I had all the kids "feed the grandpa". At frist they were a little selfish, but when others did it they joined in.

I came down with a bad cold about a week later....wonder where I caught it?

Grandpa Jay

Lori said...

That was awesome. Great post!