Thursday, August 14, 2008

a late thank you

You know you have good friends when they let you borrow their nice car to drive 16 hours because your hoopty peice of junk broke down the day you were supposed to leave on vacation!

That's the Roney's for ya! They would give you the shirt off their back and maybe even their pants, too!

Well, these same generous friends let our family stay in their Laguna Beach getaway for our anniversary. Yes, we took our kids, but that's because we like being with them. Not to worry though...our terrific friends also found us a babysitter so that we could have a romantic night out. It was fabulous!

So THANK YOU very much, friends!

This place was great. So many fun Carribean-esque colors!
Check out these pics of Lucy hanging out in the beach house.


s said...

Looks like a little bit of paradise! But just what is Jack drooling?

James said...

I love that you said "hoopty" in this post. What a great word.

collette crew said...

what a cool place- and great friends! I am just eating up your pictures. they are beautiful. and... the picture of your fam room looks just like something we would do in our house- almost weird how similar our interests are! have a great weekend.

California Roney's said...

You are way to sweet and we dont deserve that nice of a comment. I totally forgot about that. As I read it, I was trying to figure out who let you borrow your car. Then as I was reading I realized we did way back when. We love you guys and would do anything for you. We are just glad to have you as friend. Plus, we still owe you for the alphabet lettering on your couch. Cameron still says he didn't do it. But we all know it was him! The little stinker! Those pictures of Lucky are adorable!! What a little cutie she is. You guys are more then welcome to go there again. Thanks for the gift certificate to our favorite place. But if you use that place again, no more gift certificates. We have to do something nice with nothing in return!!

California Roney's said...

I meant Lucy! I am sitting at the airport. So about that. Though she is lucky!