Wednesday, July 2, 2008

take me out to the ballgame...

Everybody loves a baseball game, right? Of course. Myself included.

It's the all-American sport.

The only problem is that I love everything about baseball except for the game itself. (gasp!)
Perhaps I can blame it on some form of ADD (which I swear I have), or maybe my upbringing lacked in frequenting athletic events. who knows? All I know is that I'm good for about 1 1/2 innings and then you've lost me. I mean 9 innings? seriously? Once I went to a baseball game that lasted 14 innings!

The saddest part is that Troy LOVES baseball....meaning the actual sport. He goes to watch, cheer, yell at the referee (is that what it's even called?), predict the plays, analyze the statistics and averages of each player, and discuss afterwards.

As his matrimonial partner, I have always felt I've fallen short in supporting his love of the game. But at last Monday night's Angels game, I realized that we can both go and have an enjoyable time together even if we're enjoying entirely different things.

The things I love about baseball:

1. The old men that come out between innings and sing "Take Me Out to the Ballgame."

2. The vendors that walk up and down the aisles yelling things like, "hot dogs, candy, soda" in their sing-songy voices.

3. Watching a father and son begin a tradition of ball games together. (that will later take the pressure off me. ha.)

4. Watching a bat break into two pieces and fly across the field.

5. Eating peanuts and hot dogs and cotton candy. Even if they do cost 50 dollars.

6. Watching the guys "rake" the dirt on the diamond. dumb I know, but fascinating still the same!

7. Watching Jack stomp peanut shells for 30 minutes.

8. Enjoying fireworks after each home run. (jack's favorite part, too)

9. Seeing families dressed in the team colors enjoying what you know has been their tradition for years.

10. Being with my family enjoying time together!

...and what does Troy love?

all these things + the actual sport


HeatherM said...

Can you tell I am bored out of my mind waiting to leave.
Troy looks like he is in heaven. Sad to say me his sister didn't know he liked baseball so much.
I on the other hand feel the same as you. I truly go for the fireworks but the games I've been to are for smaller teams so they only do the fireworks at the end the bitter end.

rockkinrobbins said...

I love the baseball games with my boys. The best part for me is all the other things too. The food, the funny dancing blow up men, the music and even the little bit of interest in the game that I try to have while chasing my lil' monkey! Good times!

Kaylynn said...

When Jack starts playing you will develop a love for the game you never knew you had because it's YOUR BOY out there playing!!!! I guarantee it!

Amy said...

I actually like watching baseball, but I agree. Nine innings takes FOREVER!

Celia and Scott said...

My sister-in-law and I get in the most heated debates about which sport is better: baseball or soccer. Yes, baseball is America's greatest pastime, but that's the POINT! PASTime! It's over! Move on to something more exciting. In other words, I second your not loving the sport itself, but everything else is just so ... comforting and patriotic.

p.s. love the pic of Jack and Troy. Classic!

sheena said...

this is so so funny to me. I always think I love baseball games....and it's the same thing!! everything (basically food and the things they throw into the crowd) that I actually like.

baseball games are loooong.

California Roney's said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. And also, you guys are brave for taking the kids!!!

heidi said...

Typically I'll only go if one of "my" friends is going. We just people watch all night.

Oler Family said...

You are so funny Ali! I enjoy baseball but I will agree it is a long game! It will be nice when Troy and Jack can just go together! Cute family picture, you look great in yellow!

kelly southwell said...

I'm glad the game was a success, and you had a good time. At least, now, anywhere you go, you can think about blogging it!

elizabeth said...

love your site!!! We would love to hear from you so email us at We moved to Park City and would love to have you guys visit!!

Lori said...

Your post makes me want to go watch a ballgame now. I am like you and love the other parts more than the game, although I did love watching my sister's softball games growing up.

I saw your parents at church last week on their way out. (they are in a different ward) Your Dad is so hilarious and your Mom is a cutie.

Olive-us said...

I too love baseball games for all the same reasons! It always an "experience" at a game, thanks to toddlers and drunk fans.

Anonymous said...

cute post. the family pic is my look awesome! jack is gonna be big trouble when he gets older...what a little hunk! and lucy is beautiful of course.
cuz whit

Marie - Mother of the Bird Nest said...

Cute family photo and Lucy is a DOLL!