Monday, June 30, 2008

staycations in full swing

It's really the way to go, I'm tellin' ya!

Staycationing is where it's at!
My kids still get naps, it's cheaper, I don't have to live out of a suitcase, and we still have a BLAST!

Friday, I met my friend Fawn down at Sea World. They have a new Sesame Street play area that is fun for kids Jack's age. He kinda loses interest in the animal shows. You know, the somewhat educational part. But crap...bring on Elmo and he is good for hours.

I thought I had out smarted Sea World this time by bringing my baby carrier so that I could take Lucy and Jack on the rides together. but NO...i guess I didn't read the small print about no infants on rides....yadda, yadda, yadda. So Fawn had to step in and take Jack. Thank you!
I only wish that catching up with old friends was easier to do with 4 kids under 4!

Then on Saturday, we drove 35 minutes to a place called Tom's Farms. This place has everything! For about 6-8 bucks, your child could be completely entertained!

For ZERO dollars, Jack ran around the grassy areas chasing ducks and throwing rocks into the stream. He must have crawled under 15 chains trying to catch these ducks.

For 2 dollars you can ride the carousel. Jack would have done this 15 times, but I sat him down and explained to him the value of money and that these are tough economic times, and that sometimes we can't always get what we want, so he decided one ride was enough.

But then I had to take my "value of money" speech back when I saw caramel apples...6 dollars later.

Hands off buddy. This is mommy's time!

The best part was the train ride. Jack is so into choo-choos right now, it's ridiculous.

I highly recommend a day or evening at Tom's Farms. They also have a cute petting zoo, pony rides, a farmer's market, strawberry shortcake, roasted corn, a practice shooting range, kid tractors, and much much more!

Next on the staycationing list:

Movies in the park
Train museum
Irvine Mud Park


HeatherM said...

That does sound so fun, Jack is so cute!!!

summer said...

We're having a staycation all summer too!

kelly southwell said...

man, you guys are really livin' it up around here...we'll have to join you, or at least "copy" you in all your events!
I love that picture of jack and that huge bird right over his head!

Oler Family said...

What a fun mom you are! I love the picture of Jack crawling under the chain fence. It sounds like a really fun place....what place isn't fun with caramel apples though?

Robbie, Marsha & London Lueck. said...

Cute!! The pictures you take are awesome! They reflect the moment and tell the story. Jack and Lucy are adorable! It sounds like you have your staycation planned to the T! Have fun, It is much too hot here to get out as much as we would like... I guess we'll enjoy your satycation and live through your summer adventures!

Amy said...

Staycationing kind of begins today for us. I think this kid swapping thing is a great idea. A stay at home mom's version of a mini, 3 hour vacation! Thanks!

Amy said...

I really really love your stacation. Can't wait to see so more of what you do.