Monday, May 21, 2007

on the move

9 months old and jack has finally decided to move from his comfortable sitting position into a spirited scoot. He is really drawn to the rug under our table, tiny pieces of lint, the door stoppers, and eating fallen scraps from under his highchair. The other day he found himself in a predicament under the table. Here is the documentation:

UH-OH...I'm stuck!

Blast! Aren't you going to help me outta here?

I think I can! I think I can!

Sweet, sweet victory!


Sebs Mom said...

Ali, so cute!! Jack is such a great baby. I had so much fun playing with him this morning. I need to take more time and interact with my friends babies. Sebastian likes the same things Jack does too, especially door stoppers!

wadeandmeridethaltom said...

seriously...what is with all of us having babies that like door stoppers. I now have a drawer that is collecting door stoppers. luke will get right down there and stick the whole thing in his mouth. and now that they are removed there is some screw thing sticking out from the wall that he trys to suck on. what a silly kid!

Katie Hadfield said...

He is getting so big! How cute is he, we need to plan a date & get together with ou boys!!!