Friday, May 18, 2007

boys, boys, boys...

when i had jack last year, i decided to quit teaching elementary school. I was a little bit sad to leave that behind, but I was also thrilled to be a mom! I decided that for a little extra money, I would start a preschool. I am so happy I did! I LOVE teaching preschool! it has been such a good experience, and what makes this year so fun is that I have ALL boys. Six 4 year-old boys who love doing all the boy things. I have chalk, big wheels, jumpropes, balls, and trucks, but what they love most is finding something mischievous to get into. They really keep me on my toes and make me excited for Jack to get a little bit older. I have always wanted a girl of my own, but hanging out with these boys really makes me think that I would be just as happy as a mom of all boys.

Jaydon, Isaac, Joel, Damon, Marshall, and Max enjoying some "dirt dessert" with worms.

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wadeandmeridethaltom said...

hey that looks like a good dessert. what is the recipe. and you are so brave....that job is not easy. i wish you could be taylors teacher.