Monday, May 14, 2007

Helmet Update

Oops, sorry for the sideways picture. I am not savvy enough on the computer to fix it.

We had Jack's first official helmet check-up last week. Troy and I were really skeptical about the helmet's effectiveness because we could not see any visual improvements. At his appointment, the doctor took the new measurements of his head and graphed them on a paper against the original measurements. I was shocked to see how much his head had grown and shifted. The helmet is fitted so that the areas that don't need to grow are snug against the helmet and the areas that need shaping are given room to grow. The part of his head that grew most was one of the snug areas, but that is okay because now that area has reached its growth capacity and the flat part of his head will now be "forced" to fill in. The most amazing improvement was the shifting of his ears. One ear moved almost a 1/2 inch making them more even! The danger in the ears being poorly aligned is that it can later cause ear infections. That's the latest!

ARG! That picture is really bugging me!

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Berta said...

Ali - you've got to fix/change position of your pic before you import it into your blog - but you probably knew that!?

We don't know exactly know 'why' he has to wear his helmet - maybe you could write a little-something.

Luv u