Friday, September 9, 2011

4+ months and going strong...

jammer. jams. jammy.

Those are his nicknames.
I think it's interesting how some nicknames stick.

We started calling him Sammer Jammer and now we have every variation.

Sam is 4+ months now and we are so IN LOVE!

I am already that mom who's memory is a little foggy when it comes to remembering what my other two were doing at this age, but I swear he is the most giggly! He has the BEST laugh, particularly when you kiss or blow or growl on his neck! He loves it! Plus he's super ticklish!

Here's Sam showing off his moves. He can roll over from front to back, but not visa versa.
He drools a lot!
He spits up even more.

And he smiles at me like I'm his girlfriend!
I'm still getting butterflies.


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HeatherM said...

haha shafer has that shirt with the vest! what a cute boy you have there!