Thursday, July 14, 2011

Our day of Independence

When we found out that our city allowed fireworks in the neighborhood streets, all our dreams had been fulfilled! Really, we had been dreaming of the quintessential 4th of July for a long time. And for us, that vision wasn't complete without fireworks in the street!

The day did not disappoint. We started with a swim party and BBQ at one house, then moved to another house for S'mores, fireworks, and bike riding.

You know it had been a good day when you get home at 11 pm and your kids smell like firework smoke, their feet are filthy from running around barefoot, and they still have smudges of melted marshmallow on their cheeks!

Pure bliss!

all the kids above: lucy, galla, paisley, mayella, jack, finn, kellan
(I probably mispelled some, and missing from the swim pic is Sam & Ryken)


Lucy preferred to be an "observer" of the fireworks show.

Troy was the designated distributor of the fireworks. I love how all the kids are crowded around just waiting for their next sparkler.

Brad and the Flashdancers
smoke bombs + strobes = dance party

I think this lighting effect could make even MY lame dance moves look cool!?!?

NOBODY loved the fireworks more than this kid. For days prior, Jack took our firework paraphernalia and sorted, stacked and arranged them in 3,000 different ways. I'd walk into the living room and find them sorted by size, then 10 minutes later they would be in the 4 corners of the room sorted by category. Every day he asked if it was the 4th of July yet.

Let me just say that I will be hiding our matches and lighters because this kid has an OBSESSION with fire!

Brad, you're a maniac!

Once I was able to put my baby down for a second, I wanted to try writing with sparklers.
I knew you had to write your letters backwards, but I wasn't sure if you had to write the actual word backwards too.

The result:

Ooops. I guess that answered our question. No, you don't have to write the word backwards. We were going for USA, NOT Arizona State University.

Take II

U.S. of the mini A



Mrs. Webster said...

So fun! Love sparkler word photos. ;-)

Jenn said...

Those are amazing photos. Looks like fun!

merideth said...

wow awesome!!

Marie said...

I love it! That is our kind of 4th. I want to see some pics of the mini-reunion sans Marie. I promise I won't be jealous. Seeing pictures will make me feel like I was there. I have a great imagination. Plus, I know you took pictures and I bet they are awesome! I love you.