Sunday, June 12, 2011

My life is picture perfect

My life is picture perfect.

As in:
My life is pictures.

Let me explain.

I had to laugh the other day as I was taking pictures.

Through my lens I saw this.

My little lu in her tutu being somewhat coy and a teensy bit grumpy (not wanting her picture taken). Then she sat with sammy and was puckering his lips and giving him kisses.

It was a sweet moment that I wanted to capture.
And for that moment, I got lost in the exposure and composition of the photo.


Then I pulled away from the viewfinder to behold.....


Holy smokes!
Your room has NEVER been this messy, right?

I thought about how funny it is that I have all these "picture perfect" photos on my blog,
but life around these parts can get as non-picture perfect as anyone's life can.

I don't know if you're like me, but at times I find myself drooling over a blog and thinking about how my life is not nearly as swell as HERS!

Truth is, we all have our moments.
In between our

fresh baked bread
finger paint projects
home renovating
amazing vacations
healthy eating
perfect husband/kids

There is REAL life in there.
And my real life sometimes looks like this.


And just to keep things EXTRA real....
(nuff said)


Sarah Hull said...

I love this post! So so true! I wish we could see more behind the scenes posts on other picture perfect blogs!!

HeatherM said...

oh ali i love you! my house never looks like that ;)

Sarah said...

I love it! My room definitely looks like that right now too...and I don't have a tiny baby for an excuse :)

I love all your pictures. YOu always capture the sweetest moments. Too bad I don't live in CA anymore---I could use a good photographer!

Marie said...

I can't drag my bum to the studio for Eleanor's 1 month pictures. Too bad she is 3 months old now. I love your real life pics. Not because it shows you were messy, but because I like to figure out what is laying around your house. We always try to do a big tidy before Daddy comes home or company arrives. Your picture perfect photos are amazing. I really love them.

Jen Giorgis said...

Hahaha...I love it!!! Seriously, even the cupboard doors are open. I feel your pain. I think that is why I got behind on my blog...maybe I'll follow in you footsteps;)

the 2nd tallest tree said...

Whew!! I WAS getting worried that you were perfect. ;) Seriously, though, I wish I could take a page from your book, you do seem to create great memories with/for your kiddos. I lack such energy or creativity. Blah.

UreFam said...

Ali, I love you for this! I have a tendency to take photos far too wide and therefore, they are NEVER displayed. THanks for making me feel normal....a little :)

forget laundry said...

we keep having more and more in common... although- something about your mess looks cleanish (like you could pick up in ten minutes type of crazy)- too often mine could use a boatload of folks wearing yellow rubber gloves and face masks.

Britty said...

I love you so much for posting those pictures! LOL

fawn said...

i love you even more for writing this..:) so true. so so so true!