Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Lookin' like a fool with your pants on the ground

A few tips to make your sledding/snow trip more enjoyable:


BEFORE heading up to the snow 6 months pregnant, check all your snow gear. Don't assume your husband's snow pants are going to fit your blossoming belly or you'll spend most of your time holding them up with one hand.


Wear a snow hat that is sort of reminiscent of Where's Waldo. In fact, the uglier and more mismatched the clothing, the BETTER!



Let your children eat snow until their heart's content. (you know you like it too)



Beware of cheeks the color of Jack's! You should know when it gets to that shade of RED, the defrosting process is going to be VERY painful.


Steer clear of any creepy lurkers in the woods.


Try to create photo ops like this where it looks like your kids are candidly sitting by each other throwing snow and having a great time. (they really were, i promise)


Like Tip #3, let them suck icicles. It's only dirty water run-off frozen over time. Big deal.


Bring an awesome dad along who is up for anything! The kids love it and mom can stand snow-free with her camera!


HeatherM said...

first of all how are you posting this early?! second of all I love the pictures!

forget laundry said...

dear waldo: you have had some seriously fun posts. your family really is cute. since I don't follow facebook I've been out of your loop and love to see all the updates. do you know what you are having? are you still feel cruddy? hope not! hope life is really good!

Oler Family said...

look at you...I have missed your updates sooo much! You look amazing. I can't believe that you are 6 months pregnant. your kids are so stinkin cute!

Plain Jane said...

just have to say that you and your family are too cute. life looks perfect.