Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Goodbye Beaches, Hello Lakes

Though we LOVE the beach and it was a big part of our lives for 8 years, we have been excited to chart new waters on the 2 lakes near our new home!

While I was away shooting a wedding, Troy had a vision in his head of a family rowboat much like the one in the Notebook. His vision may or may not have included Rachel McAdams in the rain, but who knows?

At any rate, he searched Craigslist until he found the perfect (well almost perfect...rowboats are surprisingly hard to come by) rowboat for our own family "Notebook-esq" experience.


We took it out one evening for a spin.
We packed a picnic dinner.
We came totally underprepared with lifejackets.
Troy was envisioning his bicepts precisely operating the oars, gliding us smoothly across the water.

Then we got in the boat.
It was a little tipsy.
A little less smooth and romantic than the Notebook.
And we were basically confined to our seats in a frozen position so as not to tip the boat.

It was not exactly what we had in mind, but still fun.

We are enamored with the scenery in Sacramento. There are so many beautiful trees and waterways. On this particular lake, you can boat into little, bayou type passages and be treated to all kinds of wild life. We've seen turtles, beavers, deer, fish (of course), and all kinds of beautiful cranes and birds.



The bad news is, you might see this boat listed back on Craigslist.

The good news is, we LOVE where we live and we absolutely love being out on the water!


Joe and Amy said...

Ali, I am totally jealous. I love the Sacramento area. We are loving living by the ocean now, but life felt a little slower paced for us up north than down here. I totally miss it and wouldn't mind living there again someday.

My husband confirmed is a friend from work that was just baptized. We all went to their ward and it happened to be the same ward as Katie Baker from apartment 401 in Rexburg. I can't remember what she told me her married name was...it was funny to say hi and think about those days....small world, eh?

Joe and Amy said...

sorry for the typos :/

Chelsy said...

Seriously so jealous of that right now! Every time we visit home (when it's not winter) I insist that we go kayaking out on the river! I just love how quiet, beautiful and peaceful it is along there. Not sure I'm brave enough to ever try the row boat though. :o)

jayniemoon said...

fantastic scenery and photos! I want to see photos of the new place. I need your new address.

annie said...

I love this post! : ) It makes me smile!