Thursday, February 18, 2010

a good reminder


HeatherM said...

What a great qoute! Not to mention it is what I should be learning from all of this "crap"

UreFam said... So much pressure to see if we all get invites now!! eek! Just FYI Barnes & Noble triggers the same response in my little darling that the library does to yours!

retard said...

....and to think We thought We were the only ones grateful for our darling daughter. I guess we have to share. I have a great book on Graditude and there is a whole therapy using a daily gratitude far starters we are thankful for such a great post.

Sara Jane said...

love that! thanks for posting it, i needed the reminder for sure. hope all is well, i think about you a ton. sending you well wishes and tons of success. xoxo