Monday, April 6, 2009

sick of this, for sure.

You wanna know what the worst thing in the world is?

Losing your sense of taste!

I know...initially I thought this nasally, congested, bronchial sickness would be my big breakthrough. As long as I couldn't taste, then I should have no problem surviving off the stuff of supermodels - lettuce, celery, and spring water. This should be just what I need to catapult myself closer to that not-so-new-New Year's weight loss resolution. So I thought...

Then Troy came home to care for me on Friday evening with my favorite mix of See's Candy. I excitedly grabbed one out of the box to taste, and nothing....nada....couldn't taste a blasted flavor of the delicious chocolate. So, I tried again. (I'm not a quitter) NOTHING! Then I tried about 3 more times before finally admitting to myself that my tastebuds were SHOT!

It's a sad realization, folks.

On the one hand, I wanted to keep trying because in my memory bank of food flavors I KNEW what that chocolate was supposed to taste like and I desperately wanted some. On the other hand, I couldn't keep eating in vain and wasting my calories on flavorless food.

Again this morning I returned home from the grocery store with some homemade chili sauce aka the stuff dreams are made of.

Then I got a hankering for one of my favorite snacks. This chili sauce poured over the top of cream cheese and spread on crackers. is so delicious. But, as soon as I popped that first cracker into my mouth I was so frustrated. Once again...NOTHING.

So, please tastebuds....please come back to me. We've had a love/hate relationship in the past, but I am realizing now it's definitely more LOVE than hate.


Amy said...

I think my favorite part of the post is the label.

Abi said...

That would be my worst curse. I love food way too much! You are a crack up. Just a cold, right?

Oler Family said...

I agree with Amy, I love the label!! I LOVE see's chocolates too but can only get them when I visit the sad! I hope you get feeling better soon. It was fun talking to you tonight!