Saturday, March 28, 2009

sweet dreams

What do you do when it's Saturday night at 7:00 pm, the kids are dressed in pajamas ready for bed, and you remember that you ran out of milk after the morning bottles?

a.) Run to the store for milk, where in the 20 minutes it will take you to get there and back, the children will be grumpy and unmanageable?

b.) Call the neighbors to borrow some milk - the same neighbors you call for EVERYTHING (butter, milk, eggs, flour) AND the same neighbors that had to stop by your house the week before because the door was left wide open because a certain mom was too frazzled getting the kids into the car that they forgot to close up the house?


c.) Make your kids' wildest dreams come true and whip them up some creamy, sweet hot chocolate with water and Nestle powder?

YEP. You guessed it. We are the best parents EVER!

This reminds me of my favorite comedy skit by the legendary Bill Cosby.


MSGottfredson said...

OH my. YUM YUM. My Sadie would have loved it!

shawna said...

ha ha ha Necessity...the M O T H E R of invention!

Brooke said...

Mom is GREAT - she feeds us chocolate milk!!!!

Oler Family said...

You are the BEST mom ever! I love that skit by Bill Cosby! I was laughing my head off! Sadly, Jesse has probably seen that same mom in me too many times in the morning!

heidi said...

SWEET! Luke has cok-it mulk every morning. We're cool like that. Though we don't make it hot or frothy. We pour the powder in the milk cup and shake shake shake. Maybe not the best thing since he is a wild child anyway.

Kaylynn said...

Oh Ali - you may think you are the first mother to have such an ingenious idea - but guess what? I did it once too - except it wasn't Saturday night - and I'm sure it was Carnation - not Nestle! Love it!

Marie said...

I know of many moms who feed their children chocolate milk on a daily basis because they refuse plain. Hot chocolate is pretty close to that...right?

I know what you need in your cupboard...More Ovaltine please!

Michelle said...

LOL! We used to give our kids chocolate milk in their bottles too. They would ask for the "bunny milk" because they saw the Nestle Bunny on the can.