Thursday, November 20, 2008

sneak peek for the H family

Dear Tarah.

I hope you went home and gave yourself a foot bath.  You deserve it.  Corralling three kids for a photo shoot is no easy task!

This picture is for you, since I know this is how you felt about tonight!

Your family is gorgeous!

And what a fine couple the two of you make.


Amanda Jane said...

Ali I am dying to have you photog my family. so gorgeous.

meeshw said...

Ali...I am LOVING your photos!

Tarah said...

Thanks for the post. Sorry I was a bit of a wreck yesterday and irritated by my uncooperative daughter---

sheena said...

ali....these are PERFECT!

shawna said...

Ali...Those pictures are so fun and darling! What an eye you've got!

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

I love these!

You know - she looks like a way hotter - way classier version of that girl next door girl that was the leading girlfriend? Do you see that at all?

Tha family is beautiful and the pics you captured are gorgeous!

Amy said...

Oh wow these are good.

jayniemoon said...

Al--you have become a fantastic photographer. That is a beautiful family. Tarah is so pretty!

missliss5/Melissa said... ARE a photographer! By the way, I'm a friend of Todd & Troy's from highschool days. Troy just sent me a link to your blog and I commented on your flu post before I scrolled down and discovered you truly ARE a photographer. What gorgeous shots. I am addicted to my camera and taking pictures of my kids but I completely lack any talent or skill. All I am good at is...volume, haha! I'm looking forward to scrolling through your blog to see more of your talent.