Monday, November 10, 2008

{number one} .with GRATEFUL hearts.

Tis the month to

give thanks!

So I am hopping on the GRATITUDE wagon and going to dedicate all my November posts to something I am grateful for in my life.  (plus, I am all out of blogging motivation so this should get me moving.) 

I am GRATEFUL for sunday drives!

With two kids under two (why do I feel so brave just saying that?), it has become a necessity to get out of the house often.  Especially on Sunday's after the kids have been cooped up at church for 3 hours (and let's be too!).

It usually makes for a much more pleasant day if we can do something together as a family...outside where we can run free!

Yesterday we found a new spot down in a riverbed.  It was paradise for a two year old.  

Glistening white sand.
Concrete flood levees.  Perfect for hiking up and running down.
Trees for playing hide and seek.
Beautiful sunsets.

And an occasional dirt biker (but that ruins the ambiance I am trying to create for you)

It really was the fanciest riverbed I've ever played in.  

 We had a blast.

I coerced Jack into walking up the levee, then coerced Troy into letting us run down insisting that it would be fine.  Well, sure enough, Jack faceplanted into the sand at the bottom.  I was still insisting that he was fine.  Then he lifted his face and looked up at his protective father with his mouth wide open and tongue hanging out all plastered with sand.  Uh-oh.  I was busted!

It was still a great day.  And there is no better close to a great day than arriving back home with two exhausted kids!  

Ode to the Sabbath drive!


Kaylynn said...

Sunday drives are a tradition in our house too. But now they come with complaints from the 8 year old that says driving is boring.

Katie said...

Cutest Family Ever! They are so cute Ali, great Pics

Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

oh my goodness - those are so cute - and the face plant story - cracked me up. I love the locale you chose.

I'm a little weepy today - seems I just can't wait to be a mommy and I keep finding all these wonderful stories and pictures online...

That's a good weepy though.

Man you guys are cute!

shawna said...

Ali, what a great post! It looks like a tresured secret spot-how fun! It's the little uh-ohs that make memories so fun to remember(as long as no major damage is done). I especially love the last pic with the kids and the trees. Paradise!

California Roney's said...

Looks like you guys had a wonderful time. Troy did a great job with the pictures. It's funny how moms never seem to get in the pictures!!!

Amy said...

Those are REALLY GREAT pics. Troy you should go into business. Chad swear up and down that he can take the perfect shot in one try, and doesn't understand why it takes me the entire outing to achieve what he can with one simple click of the button. I digress, those are really great photos.

Jen Giorgis said...

Oh so fun, and Oh so cute photos!!! Great that you got to be in them. It looks like your weather is dreamy as well. It is freezing cold here with a mixture of rain and sleet. Gotta love Nebraska<3.

P.S. Good job Troy on the pics, although I am assumeing that Ali set the camera, but good execution!

Oler Family said...

What gorgeous pictures! Troy should know better by now not to trust you haha! What a fun place to play!

merideth said...

i love these pics. troy did a good job.

collette crew said...

okay! those turned out so great! you are making me miss California... in a big bad way.

Lori said...

Those pictures were amazing!
Are you still using the same camera? Wow, you are inspiring me to learn photography.