Monday, November 17, 2008

Gratitude {number five}

i'm grateful for the power of reverse psychology!   

Let me explain.

 Jack was born a mover and a shaker!  He has never been one to snuggle or cuddle unless extremely tired (like basically sleeping).

For two years I've begged, pleaded, bribed, and forced him to let me enjoy small and brief samples of his  affection.  He does not appreciate such tactics and usually fights them tooth and nail.

Recently, we've discovered that Jack can give the most amazing, puckered lipped, lock-your-daughters-up KISSES!  I can't get enough of them!  But again...they are almost impossible to come by!


just the other day I outsmarted his reluctance to smooch me.  I started by running around the house saying, "DON'T you dare kiss me!"  

And guess what?

He actually fell for it.  He chased me around until he could pin me down and smother me with kisses.  Mission accomplished (insert evil laugh).  I am now using this technique to my advantage.

Probably overusing.
Can't get enough.

I am going to start adding a few reverse psychology lines to the list.  Like:

Don't you dare snuggle with me.
Don't you dare sit on the toilet and go pee.
Don't you dare take a nap.
Don't even think about saying please, thank you and I'm sorry.
Don't ever brush your teeth!

And as long as this little trick is working, I think I'll add a couple to my list.  Like:

Don't ever go to the gym.
Don't stop eating carbs and sweets! 


Melissa Ellen Tweak said...

Oh my gosh - this is such a coincidence. One of my very very best friends has 3 little boys and its so fun cause she'll do the whole "don't you dare kiss mommy!" "don't you dare kiss Lissa!" and they always do and they crack up and its just so funny cause they don't even know we are tricking them!

I love love those pictures too. THEY ARE SOOOOO CUTE!

I'm not going private on my blog I think I'm just gonna change my name to something a little less personal - probably tweakisme or something random :)

Have a great day! I love these gratitude posts!

merideth said...

so hilarious. thanks for the laugh!!

Brooke said...

Isn't it great what we discover as parents? It's amazing the inspiration that comes!! Cute story - and you just keep on using it as long as it will last!!!!

Oler Family said...

You are seriously sooo funny! What's with these little 2 years old boys? I'll have to try your trick!

Ben and Shara said...

I always forget the reverse stuff. Thanks for the laugh and the reminder.

p.s. potty training is overrated. Don't even bother with the boys until almost 3 years of age!!

Marie said...

I love this technique, it is working quite well with Kate these days.

Marsha Lueck said...

Ali, You are so darn cute and amazing! I love your Thankful posts, they are perfect!I love your work! I have been meaning to comment for so long, but I rarely get on the computer lately for my own satisfaction:( I do have a question for you... how do you get the photos larger on your blog? You are really talented! Thanks for sharing! AND you are first on my list for halloween costumes next year LOL hahaha! You could do a better job than I with no doubt!

sheena said...

i'm loving all your thankful posts!!! he is really attacking you!

mindy said...

Wow! I need to try reverse psychology on myself too. I think we'll be needing to use it for Carter pretty soon too. Thanks for the idea!!

Olive-us said...

What a wonderful thing to be thankful for! Thank you for the ideas.

Anson and Michelle said...

That is totally Anson's trick for everything! it works like a charm and we get comments all the time no way you kid just cleared his plate and your at the dinner table and got you water... all because of reverse physicalogy.. I can't spell that word...Don't even make me try... :)