Thursday, September 11, 2008

a word about goals.

I make a lot of goals in my life.  

Some of them I actually keep.  Like the time I ran a 1/2 marathon.  and didn't walk.  remember that?  That was awesome.  and hard.  and awesome.

But many goals of mine don't ever see the finish line.  Like the time I said I would organize my whole house week by week...and I only made it to week 3.  Or the time I said I would read the Bible cover to cover and somewhere around Isaiah I may have gotten confused.

Well, after I had Lucy I made a goal to lose 30 pounds by 30 years of age.  That became my mantra...30 by 30!  I would chant it to myself.  Tell it to my friends.  Hear it in my head.  I was set to do it. 

 BUuuut, somewhere along the way I lost track of my progress.  Somewhere around chocolate chip cookies I lost sight of my goal.  And here I sit with less than T-minus two weeks until my birthday and how many of those flubby L.B.'s have I really lost?  not many.

As the weeks have rolled by, my mantra has changed.  a few months ago it was 20 before thirty. A few weeks ago it was 13 before 30.  Now folks, we are looking down the road of 3 before 30!  

Raise your hand.  How many people think I can do it?!?!  Let's hear it...three cheers for me.

3 before 30!
3 before 30!
3 before 30!

I will try real hard.  This means no more late-night banana cream pie parfaits made from cupboard finds.  This means more aerobics and weight training.  I can do it right?  3 is an attainable number!

So for my early b-day present, I want you to please share a goal that you are having trouble accomplishing.  Just so I know I'm not alone...


Robbie, Marsha & London Lueck. said...

You go girl!!! You can do it! I am there with you on the whole weight goaling... ahhhh! Life is so crazy and the last thing I want to think about is starving myself of that yummy sweet at night. So bad! Love your pics and I hear you on the whole photography take my life and run stuff. I need to get into the programs you are eaten up by, hmmm all I need is time! Are they difficult to take in? Or are they user friendly? Beautiful Family!!!!

Jen Giorgis said...

Oh Ali...I think that I kinda quit making goals b/c I didn't want to disappoint myself when I didn't attain them. For the past 2 weeks my goal has been to have all the laundry done and folded. That is it just that one little tiny goal. I have had most of the laundry washed, but not even close to folded. Honestly, my list could fill pages upon pages. It's quite depressing thinking about it actually. Thanks for that. By the can totally lose 3 by 30, but lets be honest here Do you really have to? I think you look quite lovely and there is nothing wrong with motherly, womanly curves. Embrace them!

heidi said...

30 before 30? Sister,look here I think I'll aim at 4 before 40...3 years to go.

Melissa Ellen said...

Happy early b-day!

You can do the 3 before 30!

I will need to go with the goal of losing 30 pounds myself. I gained it while my Dude was on the ship and deployed for so long. I was always pretty small.. Well, I got a little more meat on my bones. So, anyway - I've only lost about 15 of it and its been like almost 3 years! YIKES. So, lets set up to lose the 30 on 30! start on the day after your b-day and remember you have a head start of 3 already! I'll be along for the ride cause I really want to lose about 20! Maybe 30! We'll see.

You look great though!

Amanda Jane said...

I have a goal to be dressed and ready for my day by nine a.m. here I sit at ten and still in my sweats. and that my friend is an easy goal. I also attempted a half marathon and never made it to the starting line.
you are amazing and can do amazing things - 3 will be easy for you! yes you can! good luck and happy birthday.

rockkinrobbins said...

Ali, I have had that goal my whole life. I have accomplished a lot of things in my life and weight is one I struggle the most with. I don't think I make it to my actual goal because I start feeling comfortable and lose sight of it. 3 before 30 is a great goal..You'll get there. However, you are georgeous even without the 3:)

Marie said...

I am having trouble reading my scriptures everyday like I encourage my Young Women to do.

You can definitely lose 3 before 30, but Ali, you are so gorgeous! I love your photography, your creativity and your honesty. You are truly beautiful.

Are you planning anything fun for the big 3-0?

sheena said...

#1.....goals really are overrated.

#2. I just saw you.....30 pounds?? you'd be invisible.