Tuesday, September 2, 2008

get out your GI Joe's, son!

What can I say?  He wants to get all the same privileges as his sister and if that means wearing bows, then by golly, that means wearing bows!  

I've tried to tell him bows are for girls.  He doesn't care.  The weird thing is, I swear he knows he looks pretty.  And he does!  Those blonde curly locks look irresistible draped softly over the lacey band.  

Just keep your fingers crossed that we can avoid taking him out in public with the bows!  So far, so good.  

If you like this headband, then you need to check out   
(click on the store name above and it will take you there...in case you didn't know that)

This was made by one of my favorite college roommates.  I love all the bedazzling that she does by hand!  They look great on babies, toddlers, adults and 2-year old boys.


Melissa Ellen said...

I love those! You know all sorts of cool crafty people. I think Jack looks super adorable in those headbands but so does Lucy! Jack seems like he's such a character. I wonder where he gets that from ;)

He will grow out of this phase just in time for it to not be so cute anymore :) Your babies look like little dolls! I hope you don't mind me saying this, I just want to give them big hugs!

Amy said...

Jack does have really nice hair. I can see how a nice headband really compliments it!

Jen Giorgis said...

Little boys are just too cute no matter if they are adorned with bows or not. Especially jack, what a doll!

P.S. I am loving(let me say that again) loving the actions. Thanks a ton!!! I owe you now.

Oler Family said...

cute head band! Jack does look adorable in it with those curls!! Carter is the exact same. I was a little worried when I was putting on my lipstick and he said...some for me?

Lori said...

That picture is so cute. He looks pretty! My Luke used to dress up in all his sister's clothes and princess dresses until he was 3. We finally had to steer him away from the girly things. It kind of worried my husband a little but now he's anti princess things. The poor kid just needed some boys around him and starting school helped him a lot.

Danee said...

miss ali - I always enjoy your fun posts. I am in the middle of starting a new little business and I am thinking about selling on Etsy. I was wanting to email your friend to see how she likes it and ask her a few question. Thanks Danee daneedavis@gmail.com

Danee said...

ok now I feel like a ding dong. I just saw your email on the front page of your blog. Tell me that is new. Just tell me it is because I will feel a lot better!

summer said...

He actually looks really cute with that in his hair... that is funny though!